Easter ~ April 12th, 2009

Last night we painted eggs together. (Yes…I know we are late getting around to it but Jamie has been working lots and our house is a little hectic most days and well better late than never right??) The kids made far too much paint mess, and had to have another bath but they loved it.  Then after they were in bed Jamie hid the eggs for the egg hunt and I put together their easter baskets. Riley crawled around digging out the eggs Jamie had just finished hiding, pulling them out to chew on them..lol. We had decided against getting them giant chocolates this year and instead we got them some stuffed toys, a book,  a colouring book, and some smaller chocolate treats.

This morning they slept in until 10 and then they woke up and got us out of bed to find eggs.  They get SO into it. They were giggling and pointing out eggs. We hid some eggs up high and in harder spots for Link, and some lower more obvious places for the little ones. Riley just sat on the floor playing with eggs. Then they got their baskets and ate far too much chocolate. Only at Easter is it somehow acceptable to let your kids eat chocolate for breakfast. They of course were not hungry for any REAL breakfast. I’ll just make sure to fill them with tons of veggies for the rest of the day to make up for it. Jamie is home all day today so I think it’s about time for Mommy to take a nap 🙂

Happy Easter Everyone!!

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