Kenzie’s Birthday Party ~ May 23rd, 2010

We held off on Kenzie’s party with her friends until Oli and Denise got back from China. They are back now so we had her party today.

First we went to the Fun Factory where the kids each got to choose and make their own stuffed animal. Then they set the kids up with stuffed animal T-shirts and fabric markers and the kids got busy decorating. Then they played some games and then picked names for their animals and everyone got an adoption certificate for their new stuffed friend. Then we headed over to the park for snacks and cupcakes and some playtime. It was hot and sweaty but the kids had fun so it was worth it. Thanks to all who came out for it!

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Redwood Acres Fun Fair ~ May 19th, 2010

Here are some pics from the fun fair at Lochlann and MacKenzies new school…

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Pics of our new house

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the new house. We moved in almost 3 weeks ago and we are LOVING the house. It has tons of space that we so badly needed and the kids are so happy here. Plus its OUR house so it is so much more exciting. Still have a few boxes here and there to unpack but we will get around to those soon. Here are some pics. I dont have pics of everything yet but these are the ones I have so far…

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Visit With Nana & Final Goodbye’s To Papa ~ May 14th-16th

This weekend we spent at Nana’s house. Bittersweet trip for sure. It was fantastic seeing Lynn again but we were also there for Murray’s burial and to say our final goodbye’s to him.

I don’t think there is a post about this on the blog because at the time it was all just so sad that I didn’t feel like writing about it. In March we lost our Papa Munro after a short but horrible battle with Cancer. He was an amazing Papa to our children, and the best father in law I could ever imagine. He will be missed so much by everyone. He definitely left his mark.

We left on Friday morning and arrived after supper. We spent some time with Nana before bed. Saturday morning was the burial and as far as burials go it was a nice one. Of course it wasn’t nice to have to be there but it was a nice service, lots of the family were there and the bagpipes were so very Murray. I also got to meet many of Jamie’s family members for the first time which was nice.  Saturday night we relaxed and watched a movie, and then Sunday we headed back home.

I took a few pics of the kids playing at Nana’s place. I have also included some pics of Papa.

Farewell Papa 😦

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Happy 5th Birthday MacKenzie! ~ May 4th, 2010

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Lincoln’s Honour Roll Ceremony ~ May 4th, 2010

Lincoln made the honour roll again this year. We are super proud of him. Here are some pics of the ceremony. We love you Linky!

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Easter ~ April 4th 2010

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Lochlann’s Birthday Party ~ Feb 28th, 2010

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A few random pics

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Daddy’s Birthday! ~ February 3rd, 2010

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