Pictures ~ March 30th, 2009

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Riley Has Her First Tooth! ~ March 29th, 2009

My baby has her first tooth. She has been teething for MONTHS it seems and finally today it popped out. I can’t believe she is almost 8 months already. I know people say this all the time but it literally feels like days ago that she first came into the world. Now we are ooh-ing and awe-ing about her sitting up and her first tooth, and crawling. It’s super exciting seeing them grow up…all the little milestones…but sometimes its a little bit sad because it feels like it’s going by way too fast.

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Sleepover ~ March 28th, 2009

It was a friend of mine’s birthday today so I took her son Keegan for the night so she could have a child-free birthday night. It was his very first sleepover, and I was slightly worried that he would be upset and want his mummy but he did great. He played with Loch and Kenz, had supper, and watched movies in a fort Lincoln made them in Loch’s room. At bedtime he started to cry a little…just for a second, and said he didnt want to sleep over anymore but I told him he could watch tv on the couch with me and then he was fine and fell asleep within minutes. It went well overall.

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Link’s First Payday ~ March 24th, 2009

Lincoln received his first check today. (It was a check because he missed the cut off for direct deposit that week). I saw him with it and thought back to when I got MY first paycheck ever. Isn’t that just the BEST? Getting paid for something you worked for? Of course I had to take pictures of this. He did the fake surprise face, pretending he was astonished at the huge amount. It was actually only a check for his first day, so it was no great fortune, but nonetheless it was his first check and thats something to be proud and excited about.

Later in the evening I took Lochy to get a haircut, and then we went shopping for a present for a birthday party he was going to on the weekend. Im pretty happy that when we go shopping for a present for someone the kids totally get the idea that we arent buying something for them, just for someone else. There are no “buy me this” tantrums, no embarrasing scenes, no whining and begging. Its awesome. (Kinda makes me WANT to buy them everything in the store just because they are so good about

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March 23rd, 2009

The boys are back to school today after their week off for March break. I think they were both excited to be going back. It is fun to have some time off but then they get bored near the end.

I took the girls to playgroup today. The ladies there seemed very “in your face” about everything so I was a little annoyed with that. I am sure they meant well but I really just wanted to get out, and have somewhere to bring the girls and to sit and play with them.  Maybe next week we will try a different playgroup location.

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March 20th, 2009

Another busy day today. It was the last day of March break for the kids so I took them to see the movie Bedtime Stories. Lincoln and I LOVE Adam Sandler. Tiffany and her son Keegan came with us also. It was super busy so we ended up having to all split up and sit seperate.

After the movie I had a ton of errands to run. I took Lincoln to open his very first bank account so he can get direct deposit for his new paper route job. He was a little shy but I could tell he felt so grown up. Wasn’t it only yesterday that he was 2 years old? How do they grow up so fast. You turn your back for a second and YEARS fly by. I need to remind myself more often to just really enjoy every second of them. To breathe them in and not get busy with the little things.

This evening Lincoln also had his friend Brady sleep over. They stayed in Link’s room mostly, playing video games and watching movies and eating junk. They were actually super quiet and I think they fell asleep somewhere around midnight which is far earlier then a normal sleepover with Link. Jamie and I watched some movies also and then went to bed.

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Package from Grandpa ~ March 18th, 2009

My dad was in China recently and he bought the kids some presents. Today we got the package in the mail. When you are a little kid, one of the most exciting things is to get a package in the mail full of things for you. So they opened their things and of course loved them all.

Here is a link to a video of them opening and playing with their things…

Here are a few pics…

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Lincoln’s First Job ~ March 17th, 2009

Lincoln started his very first real job today. A paper route for the Northern Life. He was SO excited. They dropped off his papers for him to deliver and he instantly opened it up, started loading his bag and off he went. SO cute! I even offered to drive him around because it was his first day and he wasnt used to all the houses yet, and the bag was so heavy, but he declined, and said he wanted to do it on his own. So off he went. He actually had to make 2 trips because there were so many papers and catalogues in each paper. It took him about an hour and a half. You could just tell he was so proud of himself. And I am super proud of him. It isn’t going to make him rich or anything but it gives him some spending money, and it teaches him responsibility. And he will appreciate this money so much more since he had to work for it.

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Game Night ~ March 14th, 2009

Lincoln slept at  a friends house tonight so Jamie and I put the kiddies in bed early and played a board game together. We used to do this all the time but I guess we got so busy and it faded off. I totally kicked his butt in the game (of course..I always beat him!)

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March Break ~ March 13th, 2009

March break has officially begun. The kids are off school for a little over a week. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I LOVE not having to get up early to get them off to school, and I love not having to make all the lunches and getting the clothes ready the night before, and of course I love having them all home to hang out with but on the OTHER hand it gets VERY VERY loud in this house when all 4 of them are here. Plus they are used to having something to do every day so after the first couple days off school they tend to get a little nuts.

Today was also Kenzie’s last day of gymnastics. She didnt seem all that upset that it was ending. She really wants to do ballet so now that she is turning 4 very soon we will have to look into it.

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