I heard this quote yesterday:

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous; it’s deciding forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body”~ Alexa Junge

I think that recently with Lochy starting school and sending him off into the world without me, and with Riley being born Ive realized how true that really is.

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Bye Daddy :(

My dad left yesterday. It was a short visit, but so nice seeing him, and the kids had so much fun playing with Grandpa. When he leaves it always sucks because he is so far and I know I wont be seeing him for a very long time. He left early in the morning, and sometime in the evening Jamie went to get something from the car and when Kenzie heard the door she practically FLEW to the door yelling “Its Grandpa! Grandpa is back!” **Sigh**.  Now its back to the daily phone conversations and MSN chats. That will have to do until next year. I love you daddy…We miss you 😦

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Bye Bye Midwives

Today Riley and I are officially discharged from Midwifery care. We had our final appointment with our midwife, Cammie. Kenzie went with us today…just the girls. They attempted to test Riley’s hearing and weighed her…she is now 10 pounds, 10 ounces. I have mixed feelings. On one hand its nice that its all over and no more appointments and nice to know all is well, but I am going to miss the midwives. Cammie was such a huge part of our lives for 9 months. Its weird how you can feel such a huge connection to someone you really barely know.  She brought our baby into the world, kept her healthy until she was ready to be born, and was there to witness and assist in the miracle of Riley. Thanks SO much Cammie! and everyone at Midwives of Sudbury. I would almost(I said ALMOST…) consider having another baby JUST so I could have Cammie as my midwife…thats how much we love her.


Cammie(right) and Sarah(left) trying the hearing test

Cammie(right) and Sarah(left) trying the hearing test

10 pounds, 10 ounces

10 pounds, 10 ounces

Cammie and Riley

Cammie and Riley

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Lochy’s first day on the school bus

Lochy took the school bus for the first time today. I wanted to continue driving him for a little longer, but hes been wanting to take the bus since day one. It was like his first day of school all over again for me. It took everything I had in me not to burst into tears this morning when I put him on the bus. He looked a little nervous when he got on the bus but he sat down happily and waved goodbye through the window. The doors closed and my first instinct was to RUN to the car and follow the bus the whole way to school. I seriously considered it, and ALMOST followed through…but I didn’t.


Waiting for the school bus

Waiting for the school bus


On the bus for the first time

On the bus for the first time

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Science North with Grandpa

We took a trip to Science North with my dad and brother. Jamie was working so he couldn’t come with us. The kids had so much fun. The pictures really say more than I could explain so Ill just post all the pics from the day 🙂


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Spiders are right up there with Plumbers

Ok I know there is alot of hate this week(harmonicas, plumbers) but I have to add to it. SPIDERS!!! Our house has been overrun by these GIANT nasty ugly gross nasty HUGE spiders. They are big and fast and ugly. They are over an inch long. I know an inch doesnt seem like much but for a spider it really really is.  Ive been seeing a bunch of the same ones for a couple weeks now and today one was ON me. Anyone who knows and loves me will be very aware of my extreme hatred for spiders (haha Sarah, remember the plastic bug under the stove incident??) When I see spiders I totally spaz out…I shake and cry and get all crawly. Im having trouble breathing just thinking about them now. Well these spiders top any other spider Ive ever seen. I dont know what they are or why they are in my house but one crawling on me tonight is THE LAST STRAW!! Tomorrow, with Spider Raid in hand I take back my house!

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Stupid Plumbers

AHHHHH I hate plumbers…have I mentioned yet that I hate plumbers?

We had one come over to unclog our toilet on Thursday. He is here for 2 hours, charges me from the time he left the shop until the time he gets BACK to the shop, and oh guess what??? He couldn’t even unclog it. After the two hours he says to me “you need to start weighing your options…do you want to pay another three hours of labour for me to try to fix it, or do you just want to buy a new toilet from us….UM yah those are nice choices. So I opt for my own option number 3…go buy a toilet on our own at Home Depot and not be overcharged for whatever he was going to sell me. So he brings the toilet out back for us, and leaves. My dad gets here, goes out back and I am not even joking a little bit, he comes back in the house 4 minutes later holding the thing that was clogging the toilet (a hairbrush..lol) 4 minutes???? ….with nothing but a piece of wire and a garden hose? Plumber Jerk was here 2 hours with professional tools and NOTHING! GRRRR . I watch as all my money does that cartoon flying money thing …out my wallet and flying away, never to be seen again.

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Yay for Daddies

Yesterday my dad arrived from Newfoundland. I am BEYOND excited to see him…there isn’t even a word for how happy I am. I am sure everyone thinks this about their dad, but he is by far the BEST daddy in the world. I dont get to see him nearly often enough. He brought my brother with him also, which is really cool since its been a really long time since I saw him, and the kids LOVE their uncle stevie. Kenzie just followed Steve around saying nothing, just walking a few steps behind him where ever he went…even to the bathroom..lol.  She did this ALLLL day.  He was here all of 5 seconds and she says “uncle Stevie is my BEST friend”. Of course now the kids don’t need mommy and daddy, or even notice we exist ..lol

Ok, we already know I love my dad, BUT he brought the kids each a harmonica….do I really need to say more? Three kids with harmonicas???? I swear my head is going to explode from the sound of it, and of course since its the most annoying sound EVER they absolutely love it and have to play them all day all night. I visualize myself throwing them on the ground and stomping them to little bits but sadly I can’t actually do it. I could just cut off my ears…I really dont need them right?.

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Loch’s First Day of School

Yesterday was Lochlann’s first day of school. I totally thought I would be ok with this. He was so excited for school, I was excited FOR him, but then Thursday night rolls around and I lose it. I barely slept all night. I kept waking up with stomach pains and I felt literally nauseaus. I dont want to be that mom that can’t let go and can’t let them enjoy growing up, but it all just felt so…WRONG. I just spent 4 and a half years with my little boy every single day, all day long and then one day I send him off to be with strangers. It was SOOO hard for me. BUT I kept it together for him, smiled and hugged him goodbye. Lochlann was totally fine. He walked in, and instantly went to play with the other kids and barely even looked my way. When I was about to leave he got up and came to give me a hug but then went right back to his friends. As I was walking back to the car I had to force myself to take every single step. All I wanted to do was run back in there and take him home. But I didn’t…of course. On a good note, he LOVED it. He had so much fun, and he is really excited about learning and being with his new school friends. Next I have to tackle letting him take the bus to school. Im not ready for this, so I will be driving him again on Monday. Maybe on Wednesday…maybe…

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Random Pics

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