Friday, February 20th, 2009

Lincoln still isn’t well but The boys and Daddy had tickets to the Wolves game tonight. Both Lochy and Links hockey teams were going and they all sat together and Loch’s Mickey Mouse team was playing during the intermission. They even had a little pizza party in the locker room with the Wolves mascot, Howler (he is a wolf obviously). SO CUTE. I am very very sad to say that DADDY FORGOT TO BRING THE CAMERA!!!!! I cannot believe this. Lochy could not stop talking about the night. I missed it and didn’t even get to see pictures.

Then after the game Jamie and I went to my friends Mexican themed birthday party. Margerita’s, Mexican food, everyone in sombrero’s, Tequila cake, LOTS of Tequila. We got a sitter for the three oldest and brought the baby with us. I still was not feeling so great so I drove and Jamie got to drink a little. It was a fun night. We don’t often get to go out together. I wish I had been feeling better but other than that it was fun.

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I didn’t realize it was possible to be THIS sick

OMG…All 6 of us got the stomach flu. OH BOY was it bad. I did not realize  I could be this sick. Lincoln was actually sick first…last Friday and Saturday I believe. Then by Sunday he was ok and on Monday we did the family day thing. Then on Sunday night we got home and BAM the other 5 of us started vomiting…and diarhea…stomach pains…nausea. The worst part was trying to take care of the sick kids while being sick ourselves. Everyone was throwing up so often and I wont get into details but there were lots of being stuck on the toilet.  NO ONE got sleep on Monday night. None of us. By Tuesday afternoon the kids and Jamie had basically stopped throwing up and Jamie started feeling mostly better by Wedneday. On Tuesday night Lochy threw up once I believe, and once again on Wednesday morning. On Tuesday I could barely walk. I was so weak I was skaking when I stood up and walking up or down stairs was like death. I wasn’t much better on Wednesday. Kenzie, Riley and I were still feeling bad into Thursday and then we started getting better. Just when everyone started feeling back to normal Lincoln got sick again. On Friday Lincoln had to come home early from school because he threw up outside at school. I think today we are all finally almost better. This was a BAD one. BAD BAD BAD.

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Family Day ~~ February 16th, 2009

Today was Ontario Family Day so a bunch of us went ice fishing on Lake Ramsay. It was a perfect day for it…no wind, nice and mild. We BBQ’d lunch out there, the kids skated, fished and went for rides on the Quad and Ski-doo. We left around 3 and took the kids sledding at Queens Athletic Field. We spent a couple hours there getting wet and cold and bruised but it was totally worth it. The kids had a blast all day. It was almost 6 when we got home and the kids warmed up with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Now they are all snug in their beds.

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Roley Riley…AGAIN ~~ February 15th, 2009

Last month Riley mastered the rolling from her front to her back. Well in the last couple days I have seen her do the “back to front” roll that is a little harder. Go Riley!! What a big girl.

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Happy Love Day ~~ February 14th, 2009

First I want to say Happy Valentines day to everyone I love. You know who you are 🙂

Valentines day…LOVE day is here again. I had made personalized cards for all the kids with candy inside, and a card for Jamie of course..he didn’t get candy but he DID some “coupons” from me 🙂 I wont elaborate on the coupons…this is a FAMILY site…lol.  I also made heart shaped chocolate cheesecake cupcakes for everyone. (I was going to post a pic of the cupcakes but they got devoured too fast.) Jamie gave me NOTHING…and well we are kinda tight on cash so I didn’t expect anything that cost money, but he is an artist for gods sake…the least he could have done was make me a card that costs nothing but at least shows you care. So I am standing there and he is telling me how he “forgot” and how he “isn’t that into Valentines day” and  etc, etc, etc. and Im standing there thinking my god… after being together all these years you would think he would at least think of me enough on the LOVE holiday to at least make me a damn card…or remember…and of course I am kinda upset and all I say is  “SERIOUSLY? not even a card….on VALENTINES DAY?????” and then I had to go shower to take Link to hockey so I got distracted. Well it turns out he actually HAD spent lots of time making me a fancy card … he was just psyching me out. What a jerk…lol But I love him…of course.

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Link’s big fall ~~ February 14th, 2008

Today Kenzie and I took Link to his hockey game and Jamie and Lochy stayed home with Riley.  About halfway into the game Lincoln took a really good fall. He was skating, someone ducked and Lincoln flipped over him and flew to the ground…well to the ice. HARD ice. My heart almost stopped just seeing him fall like that but then he didn’t get up. Im standing there at the other side of the arena convincing myself (and not very well) that he was fine but all I wanted to do was run onto the ice and get him, help him…anything but standing there with my heart hurting. Then the coach runs out and I can’t see very well because people are all around him and then he gets up (thank god) and slowly skates off the ice. STILL all I can think is how I want to run over there and see if he is ok but then the other part of me, the sane part of me is saying that if he is fine he would be SOOOO embarrased that his MOMMY was there gushing all over him. SO I just stand there like a moron and do nothing. I was literally counting the minutes until the game was over so I could go see him without embarrasing him. Turns out he is ok, just took a really hard fall and has some nice welts and bruises to show for it, but he is ok. PHEW…

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Friday, February 13th, 2008

Do you ever just get overwhelmed with the fact that you will NEVER again get to see your kids as new squishy babies? This feeling is new for me. With all the other kids I always got super happy and super excited over every little milestone, every birthday, every little thing that meant they were growing up. But with Riley I find myself feeling this annoying pain in the pit of my stomach every time she gets bigger or does something new. I guess it is because with the others I kinda always knew that I would have another baby someday and that I would experience all those things all over again. But with Riley I KNOW that this is the last time I will experience these things . She is our last and while I don’t actually WANT to have more its a weird feeling knowing that I will never ever get to do any of these things again. I will never have another new, tiny, squishy newborn again. I wish I didn’t KNOW it was my last…I wish it could be like the others where all the milestones made me excited and thats IT…just excited, nothing else.

I think I am kinda rambling here…disorganized thoughts…whats new?

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Valentine’s Day Cookies ~~ February 11th, 2009

Today Lochy celebrated Valentine’s day with his class, since the holiday actually falls on Saturday, and today was his last day of school before then. So I spent hours making and decorating over 100 heart cookies for both of the boys classes. It took me over 3 hours JUST to decorate them. Thats kind of embarrasing to admit that it took me that long. Lochlann said the kids all loved them and daddy agreed so I guess it was worth it.

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I couldn’t be more angry!! ~~ February 6th, 2009

I had an issue with Lincoln’s teacher…which quickly snowballed into an issue with the school/school principal. I got nowhere with the school so I ended up sending a letter to the school board …Ill just copy the letter to the school superintendant and that will sum the whole thing up…The part in blue is the letter that I originally sent to the school itself and got nowhere with that…the whole part in red (along with the copy of the blue letter to the school) is what I sent to the superintendant of schools.

Mrs Dye,
My son Lincoln Sheppard is in grade 6 at Wembley. Yesterday the children were supposedly arguing with each other and out of the blue their teacher, Ms Cori Pitre, decides to make them walk around the outside of the school WITHOUT their jackets, hats, or mittens!!! Most of the children were in short sleeves. It was -27 yesterday, and the school even decided not to send the children outside for recess due to the cold temperatures. My husband and I were appalled that a teacher would do this and appalled that the school would allow it. The following is a copy of a letter I sent to the school first thing in the morning…
Ms Pitre, Mrs McDonald, & Mrs Shippam,
We are more than a little annoyed that our son Lincoln Sheppard and his class were made to go outside and run/walk around the school without jackets on yesterday. Our son was JUST getting over a cold and even if he were the picture of health, sending children outside half dressed in freezing temperatures is not only irresponsible it is neglectful. Even while writing this letter I am FUMING. We send our children to school with the expectation that they will be taken care of and this is clearly not the case at Wembley. Clearly at Wembley you encourage the endangerment of children’s health. We understand the children were not allowed outside for recess because it was too cold (-27) but then it was completely acceptable to have them walk around the outside of the school wearing nothing but T-shirts? We are shocked, appalled and angry. This is completely unacceptable.
Tina Sheppard and James Munro
home: (705) 222 0902
cell: (705) 207 5465
James@work: (705) 566 8101, EXT: 7776


To this letter we got NO response at all. At 2 pm I called the school and spoke with the vice principal and when I asked her if she had any thoughts on my letter she informed me that the letter had been passed along to the teacher. I said, fine but I would like to have some kind of response. She sounded confused that I would be calling in the first place and says “well I guess I can have the principal call you back if you want”. So I say Yes, I would like that.

By the end of the school day I still have not heard from anyone so at 3:40 I call back and the principal, Mrs. McDonald answers. I tell her who I am and ask what if anything is going to be done about what happened and she says to me in her most condescending tone of voice, “well what would you like me to do about it” . I told her it is not my job to decide what should be done, but that certainly SOMETHING should be done about the neglectfulness of a teacher sending the children out half dressed in freezing cold weather. To that she tells me that she spoke to the teacher and that she assures me there was no ill intent.

Through the entire conversation she spoke to me in a condescending tone and as if she was just annoyed with the entire conversation. She did not take what I was saying seriously and she spoke to me as if I was stupid for being concerned in the first place. Clearly she does not realize that what was done was hazardous to our child’s health and the health of the other children and that to us as parents is the scariest part of all. If the principle of the school does not even acknowledge that something like this is wrong then how are we to send our children to school under her care every day and expect them to be taken care of? I had to hound them ALL DAY to even get her to talk to me on the phone about the situation.

I can guarantee that if a parent sent their child to school in a T-shirt without mittens, hat or a jacket the school would have called Children’s Aid, the police, etc. But a teacher sending 30 children out like that somehow gets treated as if it is NOTHING. At the very LEAST the teacher or the school should write a letter of apology to the parents of the children in that class, assuring them that it will not happen again, and assuring them that they do in fact care about the health of the children under their care.

I do not appreciate being spoken to the way she did when I was nothing but polite to her, and I also do not appreciate the health of my child being taken lightly by the people he is in the care of on a daily basis. I would appreciate a response. Thank you for your time,
Tina and James Munro
(705) 222-0902
James @work : (705) 566-8101  ext. 7776


You can bet this won’t be the end of this….anyone who knows how stubborn I am knows this is SO not the end…I will keep you updated.

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Sick Sick Sick ~~ February 4th, 2009

Everyone is sick with a cold/flu. HORRIBLE dry cough, stuffy everything, painful sore throat, aches, fever. Jamie got it first, and brought it home to the rest of us. He had it for about a week or more, then the rest of us got it all at once. Kenzie was coughing so much she was puking, Link and Lochy missed several days of school, and poor Riley had the worst fever and she cries after every cough. Here is a cute/funny/pathetic picture of the three little ones piled in bed with Daddy…


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