December 25th, 26th & 27th

Christmas Day we laid around and played with the kids and we had turkey dinner and apple pie. Boxing day the kids played and laid around again.

On the 27th, Link had hockey.  Normally Jamie takes him. or we all go but this time I wanted to go and watch him play and usually when we all go its so hard to actually WATCH Lincoln because Lochlann and MacKenzie are running around like hooligans the whole time. So this time I took Lincoln and Jamie stayed with Loch and Kenz. It was awesome getting to just sit back and really see him. He is getting so much better. Here are some pics of him in action. Love ya Linky 🙂

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Christmas Eve ~ December 24th, 2008


Oh Christmas Eve we put the kiddies in bed around 7, Jamie built the present from Nana and Papa (the little house you will see in the pics at the end of this post), we set up presents under the tree, I finished making sock monkeys, and then Jamie and I watched some tv, had a drink, and opened our stockings together. Then after Midnight, when it was OFFICIALLY Christmas Day we woke up our munchkins and let them come down and open presents. I know this isnt the “traditional” way to do it but it is OUR way and therefore OUR tradition :). They were SOOO happy. They had so much fun. Riley slept through most of it. It was 3 before we got them back in bed and EVERYONE will be sleeping in tomorrow. Here are some pics of the night/early morning.

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Death by Sock Monkeys ~ December 24th, 2008

I had decided months ago that I wanted to make sock monkeys for each of the kids for Christmas.  I had it on my Christmas to-do list since October, but for some reason it got left to the last second and by the 23rd I still had not done them. So I was going to just NOT do them but then I felt guilty because Lincoln LOVES monkeys, and he LOVES sock monkeys, and Lochy and Kenzie love everything Lincoln loves and I kinda thought that it would look cute with sock monkeys sticking out of all the stockings. SO on December 23rd I started a mad rush of making sock monkeys…something I had never made before. I thought it would be much easier and faster. I didn’t realize that 90% of the sewing was done by hand, and I NEVER hand sew unless it’s to sew on a button or something.  I got halfway through them and if I never see another monkey again it will be too soon. I couldn’t do them during the day or the kids would see and ruin the surprise, so I stayed up till 4am on Tuesday doing them and then another 4 hours on Wednesday evening after the kids went to sleep and YAY I finished them. They aren’t perfect, and the first one I did is a little mangled because I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but they are done. I even did an extra one for Jamie’s stocking. Here are a couple pics of my sad attempt at sock monkey making.

Sock Monkeys

Sock Monkeys

Sock monkeys in the stockings

Sock monkeys in the stockings

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Pics ~ December 23rd, 2008

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I am SO done! ~ Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday we had the Bath Fitter guys coming to install one of those one piece bath enclosure thingys(not sure of the correct name for them…lol)

I guess I should pause here and add in a little background on the bathroom situation.

Our upstairs bathroom has been an issue for well over a year if not two years. Awhile back it started leaking through the kitchen ceiling. Someone came, ripped out the kitchen ceiling, fixed the pipes, fixed the ceiling, only for it to start leaking AGAIN. So it was fixed again, ceiling repaired again, and of course a few weeks later ANOTHER leak. So after fixing the pipes over and over again there was the suggestion that maybe it was the tiles leaking. Hence the Bath Fitters. So after not using that shower for MONTHS and MONTHS they finally get here to do it on Monday. The guy is not here for 20 minutes and one of the pipes under the bathtub bursts…GUSHING into the kitchen. We had GIANT waterfalls down the walls and ceiling in the kitchen. Jamie is at work and I have NO idea where the water shut off is. So by the time the dude digs around the basement and finds it there’s a few inches of water in the kitchen. So then he tells me he cant actually fix the problem, only finish what he came here to do!!!!! So its like 1 in the afternoon by then and  getting a plumber in here two days before Christmas is quite the task. So here I sit…4 kids, the water to the WHOLE HOUSE is shut off…so no toilet, no drinking water, no water to boil, no shower(not one of us had showered yet that day), no water to wash our hands (and I am changing diapers all day so not being able to wash my hands is a VERY big deal…and even before diapers I was a freak about washing my hands). So finally a plumber gets here, rips out the ceiling once again, fixes the pipes, and YAY we have water. Thank God we got someone there the same day. I hope this is the end of the bathroom problems because I am so so SO done with it.

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Decking the Halls ~ December 20th, 2008

Ok Ok so I know we should have had our tree up before now but well we ended up only getting it done today. We (“we” meaning Jamie of course) actually pulled the tree out of the garage last night and put it up and straightened all the branches, etc. and then tonight we did a big night of it. We made lots of hor d’ourves and I pulled the rum balls (Lynn’s recipe, Jamie’s favorite) and other baking out of the freezer and with a tablefull of assorted food we got all the ornaments out and started decorating. We actually sat back and let the kids do 99% of it. When I first met Jamie he was SOOOO particular about where to put everything. He would actually re-do the tree after me and Link put stuff up…lol…but now he has totally mellowed and although I could tell it was slightly painful for him the way the kids piled all the ornaments in one spot he sat back and let them have fun. And they did. They loved it.  “putting the tree up” day is almost as big as actual Christmas day to them. Riley hung out in her carseat and jolly jumper and watched, and then she fell asleep in the jolly jumper (so cute). Now the little ones are in bed, and Jamie is sneaking around downstairs thinking that I don’t know he is wrapping my presents. Hes so cute at Christmas. Well he is cute all the time but extra cute at Christmas. 🙂


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Christmas Concert ~ December 16th, 2008

Lincoln and Lochlann had their Christmas concert at school on Tuesday. Lochlann’s class sang a song, and Lincoln’s class did a play. Lochlann practiced his song for weeks at home. Even Kenzie knows the song by heart now. Lincoln was Santa in his class play. Here are some pics. I have some video clips of them also but I cant figure out how to post them on here so if you are interested just email me or facebook me 🙂


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Smart talkin’ Lochlann

You never can tell what will come out of Lochlann’s mouth at any given moment. He said something not so nice the other day, about something or other being “stupid” and then he laughed hysterically and I said “Lochlann, stupid isn’t a nice word, that is not funny” and he instantly says “Well it sure was funny to ME”. I actually had to leave the room so he didn’t see me laughing.

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Christmas Party ~ December 14th, 2008

Well Sunday was the Christmas party for my mommy group, Sudburymoms. We spent the whole week before finishing up last minute things. My friend Jen did 99% of the planning and work. A few of us helped out but she really did so much. On Friday night we were there helping her out and when I left at midnight or so she was sitting at her table doing some stuff for the party and when I came back the following night around 8pm (so almost 24 hours later) She was still sitting in the same spot, wearing the same clothes, and the same pots and pans were sitting on the stove. Poor girl. It was worth it because the party was awesome.

It was a family party, mostly aimed at the kids. There was snacks, drinks, face painting, crafts, letter writing to santa, lots of games and activities, family pics were taken, pics with Santa were taken and Santa handed out presents to all the kids.

When Santa walked out Kenzie was SOOO excited. I have literally never seen Kenzie like this. She stood there with her mouth open, goofy smile, staring at him…she ran right up to him and gave him a hug right away. Then he went to do the pics and every time someone was done their picture Kenzie ran right back up there with him. She was totally in AWE of him. You could tell that she completely thought that this was the actual Santa. Lochy just kinda acted like it was a normal everyday occurance to have Santa sitting in the room. Riley really didnt care. Santa held her and she just sat there chewing on her hands. Lincoln of course is way past the whole Santa thing but then again he never believed in it anyway. He always thought everyone was crazy when they spoke about it being “real”…lol.

Riley received a little stuffed Santa toy that she absolutely LOVES. There is a pic below of her holding it.

Im going to post a bunch of pics of the Christmas Party. There’s a super cute one of Kenzie hugging my friend Al….a.k.a. “Santa”.

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Aweee Lochy ~ December 12th, 2008

Lochy almost made Daddy cry. Jamie was fixing the pipes under the kitchen sink and Lochy comes in and sits beside him and says to him in this sweet little voice: “All the cool things you do I need to learn how to do…because all the things you do are SO great….you are a GREAT daddy…I love you daddy”. I swear Jamie almost cried. I almost did too. He is such a sweet little boy.

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