Parent-Teacher Interviews

Well that was far easier than I had imagined. When these interviews roll around I always feel like a scared little child being sent to the principals office…just sitting and waiting to hear all the bad stuff. But it turned out that Ms Pitre had not a single bad thing to say about Lincoln. Even when Jamie mentioned he thought that Lincoln rushed through things and didn’t pay attention to writing neatly she looked like she was in shock. Her eyes opened wide and she said “Oh NO I certainly don’t see any of that with Lincoln”. She said he takes a lot of initiative, works well, listens, and he is friendly with everyone. YAY. OH and she also said that Lincoln is enthralled with his brother. She said he goes on and on about Lochlann constantly and tells everyone that he is his brother. Jamie and I were a little shocked on this one since most days at home Lincoln acts as if Lochlann and MacKenzie’s very existence is ruining his life.

Lochlann’s went almost as well…she said that sometimes he doesn’t want to join in the group discussions…sometimes he says he would rather play instead…(Oh And she said that sometimes near the end of the day he gets tired and “territorial” over certain things. But other than that she had no problems. She said all the kids love him and especially academically he is doing very well.

So not a bad day. We are proud of our boys 🙂

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PRESIDENT LINCOLN!!!! ~ November 2008

Ok, not Abe Lincoln, but my favorite Lincoln in the whole world…my little cutie, won Class President. We are so proud of him. 13 people ran and he won. I dont really know what else to say except that I am just so incredibly proud and happy for him. CONGRATS LINCOLN!!!

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Report Cards ~ November 27th, 2008

Report card time is here. Lincoln (who is in grade 6) got 6 A’s and 6 B’s/B+’s and his teacher had plenty of wonderful things to say about him.  YAY! Of course there were things to work on but nothing major, just things like checking his homework more carefully and being more careful with the neatness of his writing.

Lochlann is only in Junior Kindergarten so he doesnt really have a report card, just a progress report. There were about 15 or 20 things that they rate at three levels….”having difficulty”, “As expected” and “proficient”. For cutting and grasping his pencil properly he was “having difficulty”. For shapes, colours, and recognizing his first and last name in print he was “proficient”. For everything else he is progressing as expected”.

We have parent/teacher interviews tomorrow so Im sure we will get more info on the things they need to work on. Check back here tomorrow night for the details 🙂

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Rolie Polie Riley ~ November 27th, 2008

Riley rolled off the couch. She was sort of in a sitting position in the corner of the couch and she decided to learn how to roll head first and flew off the couch. Poor little thing she was so upset. No injuries that I can see, so it turned out ok, but she was so so upset. Its crazy how one day they are completely immobile and the next day they know how to roll. We have 4 children…we really should have been prepared for this. I guess we are just so used to her not going anywhere. The fun starts now )

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Things I am Lovin’ Right Now ~ November 25th, 2008


I’m lovin’ how my kiddies tell me every day how I’m “the bestest-est mommy ever”.

I’m lovin’ that my 11 year old still kisses and hugs me daily… without being asked and without being embarrased.

I’m lovin’ how my 3 year old daughter’s answer to almost everything is “because I am a girl”.

I’m lovin’ how my 4 year old son cries when his new baby sister is hurt.

I’m lovin’ Winter…waking up to that crisp, clean, fresh smell of snow. LOVE IT!!

I’m lovin’ how Jamie ALWAYS lets me sleep in on weekends even though HE has to get up early on weekdays and could use a sleep-in day.

I’m lovin’ and how every christmas he is like a little kid again, and how he sneaks around hiding my christmas presents in the garage.

I’m lovin’ that Jamie REALLY loves me…and I am lovin’ that I know it.

I’m lovin’ how the baby LOOKS at me with those eyes that say I am her whole world.

I’m lovin’ that Riley is almost 4 months old and has not had formula even once…no matter how tired I am in the middle of the night I have not caved.

I’m lovin’ that all my kids are so self assured and happy…like really truly HAPPY.

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Santa Claus is coming to town

Tonight was the Santa Claus parade. It wasn’t very cold all day but we decided to put the kids in snowsuits anyway just in case. It turned out to be a good call because just as we started walking to the parade the snow started coming down. It was so exciting finally getting snow on the day of the parade. It made everything seem more Christmas-y. We brought cookies and hot chocolate with us and the kids wrapped in blankets and watched the parade. Riley slept through most of it of course. It was her first outdoor outing with snow and she slept instead of enjoying it….silly baby. After the parade we walked back home to warm up and then we went back out to the bridge to watch the fireworks. The kids had a ton of fun and they were nicely tired out by the time we got home.


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Girly drinky party

Last night a bunch of the girls got together for a girls-only drinking party. Everyone brought the ingredients for their favorite drinks and shared them with each other. I brought Grape Jello shots. YUM( and also dangerous…they creep up on ya) I can’t even remember most of the other drinks but there were quite a few of them. It wasn’t just about the drinks though (no really I mean We also chatted, had some snacks, played games, did some karaoke (otherwise known as making fools of ourselves). It was a fun night. I haven’t done something like that in forever. I can’t post all of the pics on here since most of them are really inappropriate for this blog but I will post the ones I

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Lochy’s Ouchie

Last week I was at a friends house with the kiddies and Lochlann ran into the corner of her glass topped kitchen table. It was one of those taller tables and it was right at his eye level. He got himself a nice gash a couple millimetres from his eye. Lochlann is generally pretty tough…he barely cries when he gets hurt but he CRIED this time. He was crying and screaming “my eye, my eye”. Poor little guy. Its so strange how different our kids are from each other. Lincoln never got hurt like this…I can only remember a handful of times in his whole life that he got even mildly hurt. Lochlann is constantly getting black eyes and gashes. Apparently Jamie was like this as a little boy too.





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Riley seems to be getting some teeth. Everyone keeps saying its too early but she is definately getting teeth. She has all the usual signs…chewing on her hands, drooling excessively, abnormally cranky, and you can actually see the white through her gums. Shes not very happy, the poor little thing. She has been doing this for about week or so now.

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