Riley Walked! ~ August 26th, 2009

Riley walked!  She took a few small steps. Not a lot but she definately walked. I did not get a pic of it unfortunately but keep checking back because the next time she does it I will be making a video of it and getting pics.

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Soccer Tournament ~ August 21-23rd

Lincoln has been playing soccer all summer. He LOVES it. This weekend was his tournament for the end of the season. He played so well. The ended up getting the SILVER which is awesome! Way to go Linky!! Here are some pics of him in action.

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Lincoln’s Winning Goal ~

Lincoln scored the winning goal for his soccer game tonight. I didnt get a pic of him actually doing it but I have two pics from that same game. He is SOOO happy. I am proud of you baby! You did great!

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Riley’s Birthday Party ~ August 8th, 2009

Riley’s birthday party was today. We had it outside at the park…and of course it rained but the kids had fun anyway. Lots of friends showed up to celebrate with us. Riley had a great time with the cupcakes, and when we got home she played forever with her 2 new dollies and dolly stroller. It was a fun day. Thanks to everyone who came to share the day with us!!

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Happy Birthday Baby Riley ~ August 1st, 2009

Hard to believe that one year ago today my little Riley made her first appearance into our lives. Im some ways, it feels like she was always here, and in others it feels like she was just born. I can still vividly remember her the day she was born. Tiny squishy purple little thing. Beautiful Riley. I can remember her new baby cry, and her new soft baby skin and her new baby smell. Suddenly she is a whole year old. It goes SO fast doesn’t it? It has been a good year with our little beauty. She really did complete our¬†family. The final addition. Happy Birthday Riley!!!! We love you baby.

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Day 26: Headed Home ~ July 26th, 2009

Today we head HOME! We left Sarah’s around 11ish, and headed to see Glen and Chris and the kids. We only had an hour or two to stop but it was great seeing them again. The kids had some lunch, we chatted, relaxed and then headed out again. We still had another stop on the way…we went to see my Nan, whom we haven’t seen since Kenzie was baby. We stopped in there for about an hour and then once again we were on our way…headed home. We got into Sudbury about 10pm. It was great to finally be home after almost a month on the road. It was a fantastic vacation, but it really was nice to be home again.

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Day 24-26: Sarah’s ~ July 24th-26th, 2009

Daddy, Lochy, and Kenzie headed to Nana and Papa’s today. I don’t have any pictures because¬†I forgot to send the camera with them. Lincoln, Riley and I spent a few days with Sarah and Matheson. We basically just relaxed around her house, played with the babies, watched movies and Big Brother, and just hung out. It was great seeing them again. Here are a bunch of pictures of the weekend. My favorite is the one of Riley and Matheson standing side by side back on in their diapers. Riley is 3 days older and Matheson is TOWERING over her. She is such a tiny baby!

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Day 23: Inverness to Ottawa ~ July 23rd, 2009

We intended on being on the road today at 7am but with only getting in at 3am that just wasn’t going to happen. It was after 10¬†before we left. I would have loved to have had more time to spend with Jody(and the other girls) but we really had to get on the road. We drove until about 9 or 10 pm and were about to stop and camp for the night and then changed our mind and decided to keep driving the rest of the way to Ottawa. We stopped for a bit and let the kids run around and then we dressed everyone in their pjs and then we were back on the road. Jamie drove for another 2 hours and then I drove the rest of the way to Ottawa. We got to Sarah’s around 4 am, got the kids into bed and everyone went to sleep. We were beat. LONG drive.

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