Second Beta Test ~ November 19th, 2009

More bloodtests today! This is SO exciting. Today is the tell-all! We didnt get the results until after 2:30 which was pure hell waiting but when we did it was very exciting! 37.6!!!!!!!!!!!!! The beta level almost quadrupled! Fantastic news. I am officially pregnant with Michelle and Steve’s baby. I could not be more excited for them. This is really an amazing thing and I am really happy and excited to be such a huge part of it all. This is just the beginning of a really long 9 month journey. Be sure to check back often to see how it is all going 🙂 We have a few ultrasounds in December and then we will find out how many babies are in there!

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First Beta Test ~ November 17th, 2009

It was excruciating waiting to get here but we finally got to the 17th, to the day of our first bloodtest. I went to the hospital at 9am but we had to wait until about 1 pm for the results. More waiting! We finally got the results and the number was 10. Not as high as we were hoping but anything over 5 means we are pregnant so it was still good! Now we have to wait for 48 hours when we do the second beta test and compare the results to the first. In 48 hours the number HAS to double to be a good strong pregnancy. SO we need AT LEAST 20 on Thursday! MORE WAITING…my favorite thing!

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Leaving Las Vegas ~ November 14th, 2009

Leaving day!

Vegas was nice to see but I was soooooo ready to go home. We got to the airport in the morning only to be told that our flight was moved earlier and since we were not informed of this, we had missed the 45 minute check in time. That was a great start to the day! They got us on a later flight at 3:30 pm but this got us in to Detroit far too late to catch our connecting flight. Nice! So we sat around the airport for a little while, waiting for our new flight, trying to figure out what we should do and how to get home.

The next flight leaving Detroit for us wasnt until 11:30 am the NEXT morning, getting in at 1:30 and we still had a 5 hour drive ahead of us after that to get to Sudbury and then another 6 hour drive for Sarah to get home. Not good, since that would mean we would be in the airport ALL night with 2 babies and Sarah was starting a new job on Monday and this plan would not get her home until very very late Sunday night.

So we decided that once we got to Detroit we would take a bus to Toronto and have Jamie pick us up there. The bus left shortly after our flight got in and got to Toronto at 6:00am. So this plan wasnt perfect but it was the best one we had. We got to Detroit on time, rushed to the bus station only to realize that my injections had to be done before midnight and it was already 11 by now. So as sick as this was, we had to do two injections in the filty filthy bathroom of the Detroit Bus Station. NOT fun. Of course we had the two baby strollers which would NOT fit in the bathroom stall with us so we had to leave the door open which Sarah gave me the needles. You can imagine how this looked right? Anyway…we got it done, and headed out.

We get on the bus and then we had to go through Canada Customs. We all breeze through pretty fast but then there is this one idiot who appears to be high. So they completely put him through the ringer, body searching him, taking all his bags from the bus and tearing them apart, looking through his clothes, the lining of his jacket, etc. All in all we ended up being stuck at Customs for over 2 and a half hours. In a non moving vehicle with cranky tired babies! We finally headed out after 2:30 and of course got in to Toronto late, where Jamie was nowhere to be seen. Apparently he had been waiting in the other building so it was after 8 before we left the station. It was SOOOOOOO good to finally get home that afternoon. LONG annoying trip!

Seeing the kids after so long was great, and just being home was fantastic!

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Wax Museum ~ November 12th, 2009

Today we laid around most of the day seeing as I was on 24 hour bedrest. Then in the evening we went to the Venetian Hotel to go see Madame Tusseauds Wax Museum. It was pretty funny. Check out the pics at the end of this post. After that we had dinner and checked out the volcano at the Mirage, the fountains at the Bellagio, had a little visit with Willy Wonka and then headed back to our hotel. Here are some pics…

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Embryo Transfer Day ~ November 11th, 2009

Today we woke up fresh from a great long night sleep. The babies were up super duper early (5am) but thats ok because it was 8 in Ontario and we went to bed early. Sarah went for a walk with Matheson and Riley and me laid around a bit just resting and waiting for a call from the Clinic to tell me what time I had to be there.

At 9:30 we went for breakfast at the buffet where you pay once and then you get to go back as much as you want for a full 24 hours. Pretty funny actually. Then we headed to the clinic for 2 pm.

After tons of waiting we finally got in and the actual transfer only took 5 minutes. They do an ultrasound at the same time so you get to watch as the embryos are going into the uterus. It was actually very very cool. You could see them flowing in and then stop. It was pretty awesome. Then I had to lay there for an hour and then we were headed back to the hotel. I am on bedrest for the next 24 hours.

We wont know anything until the 17th and the 19th when they do the beta tests to see if the embryo’s took. I think it worked. Actually I think they BOTH took. Just a feeling…we will see next week if I am right. I really hope it all works out well. Michelle and Steve are awesome…and they really deserve this. 6 days of waiting!

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Headed to Las Vegas ~ Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Today I left, headed for Las Vegas and the Sher Institute where Dr Jeffrey Fisch will transfer Michelle and Steve’s embryo into my waiting uterus. I should be freaked out all day knowing it was so close but I was so busy I really thought of nothing much other than just getting there and sleeping. I was up until 4 am packing and we left the house at the crack of dawn.

After 2 hours sleep we got ready and headed out. We drove to Sault St Marie, Ontario where we stopped quickly to say hi to Michelle and her son Lennon, used the bathroom and then out the door.

We crossed over into the US minutes later and then raced all the way to the Pellston airport because we were beyond late. They rushed us through customs, ransacking our bags in the process for sharp objects and liquids. We literally got on the plane as the doors were closing. SO chaotic but at least we got on. So from there we headed to Detroit for our connecting flight.

In Detroit we had to walk alllllllll the way to the other end of the airport to get to our new flight, carrying babies and strollers and bags, sweating and hurting.

We arrived in Vegas around 7 pm, and by the time we got our bags and got a cab it was after 9. We finally got to the hotel, checked in, got cleaned up and then went to grab some food. We realized we hadn’t eaten all day (not counting some blueberries in the car and a few peanuts from the plane) By the time we sat down to eat i was so exhausted and hungry that my whole body was shaking. 2 hours sleep and a long day. I ended up barely being able to eat and the babies were exhausted so back to our room we went.

We got the babies sleeping and then Sarah had to do my injections for me. Gross! I hate needles…Sarah hates needles….we dont just hate them…we LOATHE them. It was a sight to see. It took a little while for her to be able to do it but it got done. Yay Sarah. I dont know if I would have been able to do it.

Off to bed for us! See you all back here tomorrow!

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