Riley the Dolly

So MacKenzie has decided that Riley is her little dolly. She came to me with her little doll stroller and wanted to put Riley in it. So I explain to her that the stroller is for dollies, not for real babies. Her response to that was “but Riley IS my dolly”. How do you argue with that? To be honest you really can’t argue with anything Kenzie says because she is always SO sure of herself and everything she says. (she is only 3…Oh boy…can’t wait till she is a teenager!) Anyway, I decided there was no harm in it. We put Riley in the dolly stroller, belted her in securely, and Kenzie took her for a stroll around the living room. I was so impressed with how careful she was and how slowly she went. Riley LOVED it. Her eyes opened wide and she was looking all around and cooing. It was so hilarious. And Kenzie was SOOO happy too. Im posting pics because its just too funny not to share.

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Yesterday was a normal lazy Saturday. (sorry, I didnt have a chance to post this last night.) We played around the house with the kids, Jamie went into work for a few hours. We also reserved a cottage for the first weekend in September when Jamies parents come up for camping. Im excited. It will be nice to get away for a few days with the kids.

Last night I went to a friends house for a girl night with my favorite Sudbury Mommies. We had drinks and some munchies and lots of laughs and lots of girl talk (most of which I cant repeat on here. Woo! Such nice respectable ladies and then you give them a drink and put them all in a room together and holy crap!…hah just kidding girls…maybe)  I didnt stay very late because I had Riley with me and she got a little fussy but it was a fun evening. Thanks Erin!

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Oh Baby

If only there was a way to bottle up that new baby smell…to capture it in time so you always have that little piece…so you can always remember what it smelled like, and so you can always remember how you felt every time you leaned your face into that soft little head and caught that little whiff of perfect-ness.

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I had Riley weighed again today and she is now at 9 pounds, 5.5 ounces. She has been gaining a little more than a half oz a day which is normal.

We also received a package from Auntie Christine…a very cute outfit for Riley and birthday money for Lincoln…Thanks Chris!! 🙂

I did “back to school” shopping today also. I had just Riley and Lincoln with me for most of it, then brought the boys to Lincoln’s football practice and I did the rest of the shopping with Kenzie and Riley. Riley is amazingly good while we are out. We were gone for hours and I barely heard a sound from her. It must have been all the shopping. MacKenzie says shopping makes girls happy so that explains it.

This is the first year I have had to do back to school shopping for two children instead of just one.  I spent far too much money but we got everything they needed so what can ya do? Who needs to eat right? (Just kidding)

After we got back from shopping and football Tanya came over with her litte girl Kaleigh who is only about 6 months older than Kenzie. The boys were out, and Kenzie had SO much fun playing with another little girl. They coloured and played with the dollies and the doll strollers and barbies. It was really adorable seeing her with another girl. With Lochy she seems so high strung all day, and they fight and scream, but tonight she was so calm and quiet while playing. Im going to have to get her out with other little girls more often.

I forgot to mention that on Tuesday evening Jamie and Lincoln went fishing and Lincoln caught his very first fish. Actually he caught 4!!! He was so excited. Today the boys all went fishing again and Lochlann caught a fish this time…with his little Mickey Mouse fishing rod.

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Busy Day

So today was a very long day. Usually I do errands and groceries and shopping in the evenings after Jamie is home from work and I typically only bring one of the kiddies with me. I like to alternate who I bring so they each get some alone time with me at some point, and having only one of them there cuts down on the nonsense and things just get done alot faster and with a whole lot less of my hair being pulled out.

But today I thought it would be nice to get the errands and shopping finished earlier in the day so stupidly I decided to do it all while Jamie was at work, which of course meant I would be doing it with all 4 kids…including a newborn who is on her own schedule…not mine. What made me think I could do this without any stress, I really dont know. Not only did I have to do several things and groceries, I also had to take Lincoln to football practice…and get him there on time. Now anyone who knows me, knows that “on time” is not a sentence well known in Tina-land. I could blame it on the fact that I am a busy mom with 4 children but lets just be honest…even with no children I would still never manage to be on time for anything. Ive tried…I really truly have…it just never happens.

Anyway, to make a long story short the day consisted of plenty of whining, crying, complaining, more whining, fighting, argueing, and oh right, more whining (oh how I love the whining).

I did manage to get Lincoln to football only 2 minutes late, but of course he was still mad at me for being late, and then he was mad at me for not being able to give my full attention to watching his practice for 1.5 solid hours while trying to feed the baby, and deal with two busy, whiny, cranky toddlers. I wish he knew that I would love nothing more than to be able to leisurely sit and relax and watch him for hours…I wish he knew that its not that I dont want to, or that I dont enjoy it. *SIGH*. Someday I will master the art of being able to equally divide myself between 4 beautiful children who all want and need mommy at the same time. And someday I will find a way to stop feeling guilty about it when I can’t.

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So football season has started for Lincoln. Yesterday he had the orientation, today he was fitted for his uniform and has his first practice today as well. He is going to be a busy little boy. Practice every single day for the next two weeks and then after that three times a week plus games on the weekends. But it will be good for him to be kept busy. He was so bored all summer. And he looks so freaking cute in his football uniform. 🙂 I have posted some pics. In the first few you can find Lincoln almost directly in the middle of the pic, navy shirt, red/navy shorts, attacking a tall boy in a blue and white shirt.

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Not a whole lot to say today. Just a boring Saturday I guess.

Our Midwife dropped by to see Riley today. As of today she is back to her birth weight of 9 pounds, 2 oz. She had dropped down to 8 pounds, 11 oz after the first couple days which as you all know it is normal for them to lose a bit in the first few days. They SHOULD get back to their birth weight by 2 weeks and she was 2 weeks yesterday. Yay Riley :). I have to say, I just LOVE our midwife. She is so sweet. Normally the deal is with midwives, that they come to see you at home three times after you give birth. Usually on day 1, day 3 and day 5, and then all the visits after that you go see them at their office. But our midwife Cammie has been here 6 times instead of the normal 3…just to check up on Riley and weigh her, to save me the trouble of having to go out for those other appointments. How sweet is that? And anyone who has four kids, three of them 4 and under and one of which is a newborn will know that packing 4 kids up and dragging them to an appointment is alot of work. By the time you get them all bathed and dressed and ready to leave and in the car you are exhausted and ready to go to bed. Saving me three visits to her office, three days of packing up and getting there, is equal in my head (if not far more valuable) to finding giant bags filled with gold. No Kidding. I would almost consider having another baby JUST so I could have her as my midwife. (ALMOST…but not really…)

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Boy Stuff/Girl Stuff

This evening Jamie took the boys fishing, and I stayed home with the girls. MacKenzie says that girls dont like to touch worms so we stayed home and baked cookies “because girls love to bake”, painted our toenails “because girls like to be pretty”, and watched girl shows because “we are girls”. MacKenzie is SUCH a princess.  As Jamie and the boys were leaving I heard Lochy say “MacKenzie can’t come because she will just scream at the fish”. This is possibly very true since she DOES love to scream in that aweful high pitched voice that makes you want to just cut your ears off. (My dad says I had the same high pitched scream when I was little…I guess this is payback?)

The boys had lots of fun and they caught a fish. Im not exactly sure what kind of fish (I know they told me but I honestly can’t remember, and well fish all just look like fish to me)

It was actually really nice having some alone “girl time” with Kenzie. Riley was there too of course but she didnt really join in the girl time…instead she just slept which disappointed Kenzie quite a bit because she really wanted to paint her baby sisters toenails. Maybe next time??


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About Us

Ok, so I thought I would give this Blog thing a go. You’ll all have to bear with me until I get the hang of this.

I guess I should start off with a little about us.

My name is Tina, I am 31 years old, and a stay at home mom to 4 amazing kiddies.

My Husband, James (generally referred to by me as Jamie) is 36 years old, and an Animation Professor…and an amazing, wonderful daddy.

Our little monsters…Oops, um I mean little angels are…
Lincoln, our oldest…he is 11. Then there is Lochlann, who is 4 years old. Our first little girl, our princess, MacKenzie, is 3 years old. And our beautiful new baby girl Riley is 2 weeks old today. They test my patience every single day but I can’t imagine living a moment without any of them. They are amazing.

I guess thats about it…just an ordinary(sometimes) family of 6.


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