Lincoln Made The Honour Roll! ~ May 20th, 2009

Lincoln made the honour roll at school…which means he kept an average of 80 percent through an entire term. Lincoln actually made it for BOTH terms so far. Yay Link! We are SO so proud of him. The school gave him an award as well as a Chapters gift card. Did I tell you all yet how proud I am of him? Here are a few pics of the honour roll Ceremony at sch0ol.

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Catch-up ~ May 2009

Yes, I have been slacking on this blog. I have several fine excuses if you are interested. 4 kids that constantly need love, food, play, help with homework… a house that constantly needs cleaning, cold’s and flu’s raging through the house attacking everyone at seperate times. I could go on…and on…and on. Instead I will do a little catch up here and I will promise that I will try harder to update often.

May 10th was Mothers day. I got to sleep as late as I wanted two days in a row and while I was sleeping Jamie helped the kids make presents for me, cleaned and did all the house and kid chores. I could not have asked for a better gift. I love being mommy to this family.

These are the presents from my kiddies.

These are the presents from my kiddies.

May 17th I had my first Tupperware party where I was the consultant. It was a little nerve wracking being the centre of attention of everyone in the room but I got through it and it went well. Thanks to all my wonderful friends that showed up, and thanks to Carina for hosting!

May 23rd I hosted a Greek themed Epicure party. Julie made wonderful souvlaki, tzatziki, garlic bread, greek salad, and lemon potatoes. OH and lets not forget the Sangria. Lots of our friends came…some with their husbands.  It was tons of fun. Thanks Julie for all your hard work!

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Riley Can Climb ~ May 5th, 2009

Riley has learned to climb the stairs. This is where all the trouble starts…now we are in for it. She was so so proud of herself. It was so cute to watch. Unfortunatley she hasn’t figured out the correct way to get back DOWN the stairs.

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Happy Birthday Kenzie ~ May 4th, 2009

4 years ago today I was giving birth to my little princess. Time really does fly. We had her party yesterday but today is still her actual birthday so we left up the decorations, sang happy birthday and had birthday cupcakes. Then we let Kenzie stay up late and hang out with us. Happy Birthday baby.

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Kenzie’s Tea Party ~ May 3rd, 2009

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Riley’s Funky Crab Crawl ~ May 3rd, 2009

Riley has been doing this really crazy crab crawl lately. Its super funny to watch. Its like a cross between walking and crawling. Which is funny because she never really ever “crawled”. She just dragged herself around on her belly and then went straight to this funky thing. She seems to only do it on the kitchen floor(maybe she doesnt like the way the floor feels on her knees/belly). Either way…its kinda hilarious.




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Kenzie’s Birthday Cake ~ May 2nd, 2009

Tomorrow is Kenzie’s birthday party so today I am doing her cake. She is having a tea party and I wanted to make the cake along the same theme. It of course took me way too long as usual, but here is the finished product…

Tea Party Cake

Tea Party Cake


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Tupperware Lady ~ April 29th, 2009

I am now a Tupperware lady. That sounds ridiculously funny to me. I remember when I was little Tupperware ladies were all OLD. I guess that makes me old now. Actually I really just love Tupperware and always have and I thought the discount would be awesome so why not right? Tonight I had a little “grand opening” party here to kick off my new thing. A few friends came over and someone from tupperware came out to do the party. (Coincidentally she actually WAS very old). I also booked my very first party with ME as the consultant. YAY!

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Playgroup ~ Monday, April 27th, 2009

Today the girls and I went to playgroup again. We did NOT go to the same one as last time (YUCK). This one was a little farthur out, but its so much bigger and so much more for the kids to do there. Amie and Ali went also with their babies. The girls had so much fun…especially Kenzie. She made friends with one of the little girls there and they were following each other around.

Kenzie and her little friend

Kenzie and her little friend


Riley crawling to get the ball

Riley crawling to get the ball


Kenzie and her friend again

Kenzie and her friend again


Riley standing up

Riley standing up


Kenzie in the puppet theatre

Kenzie in the puppet theatre


We had so much fun that we decided to run home to get the boys and daddy and go back to the playgroup at 5 for the “family fun night”. The kids planted seeds, did crafts, and had pizza for supper. Lincoln was a little bored there but for the most part it was a fun evening. And not having to cook supper was pretty great. 🙂 More pics..

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