January 25th, 2010

Lochy is now free of all tubes and IVs. Yay!

Over the weekend they removed his staples. This did NOT go well. They let a student do them, and clearly did not give her proper instructions or guidance. They have this little tool that goes under the staple and you squeeze…and it fans out the ends of the staple so they slide out when you pull. Well she had the tool upside down so instead of the ends fanning OUT they went IN as she is attempting to yank them out. You can imagine this was painful for poor Lochy. She was on number two when JAMIE (Yes Jamie…not the two nurses watching the student) noticed that it was upside down. By now the two staples were mangled and twisted and not coming out. So they had to get a doctor in there to cut them. While waiting for the doctor to show up half his incision opened up again. It clearly wasnt healed as they had hoped it would be. It was already 8 days from the time he had the surgery so it should have been healed but because of the extensive infection in Lochy it took longer to heal. So they taped him back up (luckily they didnt need to re-staple).  NOT a great day for Loch overall. I cried several times that day. And I am sure Jamie did also. Bad bad day.

BUT…now it is Monday, and all Lochy’s tubes and IVs are out and if he doesnt throw up by tomorrow then he gets to go home! Hooray!  Here is a pic of him after they took the last IV out…up and walking free as a bird. He still cant walk for large amounts and he is in pain still but he is UP and thats what counts.

Lochy up and walking, free of tubes and IVs...Yay Lochy!

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