Poor Little Lochy ~ January 2010

On Friday night (Jan 15th) Jamie took our sick little Lochlann to the ER. He had been throwing up for a few days, then stopped for a few days and then suddenly started again. When they finally saw a doctor after a long night of waiting they discovered that his appendix had ruptured. Once getting him into surgery they found out that it had ruptured and that the poison had spread all through his middle section. Instead of a usual tiny cut for an appendix removal they had to cut right up the middle of his abdomen to try to clean it all out. He was out of surgery and in ICU by 2pm on Saturday. His heartrate was at 180 and it should have been 90-1o0. His breathing was too fast so that made them nervous also. His body is septic so they are giving him IV antibiotics for a week or so. He has an IV in his Juggular, one in his arm, another in his groin area. He has a tube down his nose/throat, they are giving him oxygyn and then there are various other tubes and wires He is one sick little boy. He is in some pain so they have him on Morphine. He is going to be sick for a little while but he is on the mend. Jamie and I have been taking shifts at the hospital so he never has to be alone. We love you lochy…get better soon baby.

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