Embryo Transfer Day ~ November 11th, 2009

Today we woke up fresh from a great long night sleep. The babies were up super duper early (5am) but thats ok because it was 8 in Ontario and we went to bed early. Sarah went for a walk with Matheson and Riley and me laid around a bit just resting and waiting for a call from the Clinic to tell me what time I had to be there.

At 9:30 we went for breakfast at the buffet where you pay once and then you get to go back as much as you want for a full 24 hours. Pretty funny actually. Then we headed to the clinic for 2 pm.

After tons of waiting we finally got in and the actual transfer only took 5 minutes. They do an ultrasound at the same time so you get to watch as the embryos are going into the uterus. It was actually very very cool. You could see them flowing in and then stop. It was pretty awesome. Then I had to lay there for an hour and then we were headed back to the hotel. I am on bedrest for the next 24 hours.

We wont know anything until the 17th and the 19th when they do the beta tests to see if the embryo’s took. I think it worked. Actually I think they BOTH took. Just a feeling…we will see next week if I am right. I really hope it all works out well. Michelle and Steve are awesome…and they really deserve this. 6 days of waiting!

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