Needles…Fun! ~ October 2009

Most of you know this already but I haven’t officially put it on the blog. I decided a couple months ago that I am going to be a Surrogate for a couple I know. It really did not take me very long to decide that this is something I want to do. I know it will be a crazy emotional road but it will also be exciting and amazing and HUGE. I am really grateful to be a part of this. Michelle and Steve (the intended parents) are AMAZING people. They have been through a LOT and they really deserve this.

The date for the embryo transfer is fast approaching. November 12th to be exact. 2 weeks! Leading up to that I am taking various cycle meds, including hormone injections. I have one injection ive been doing every morning since the 17th. It is just a tiny little needle…maybe like half an inch…no big deal right?. Jamie has been doing them for me because I am a HUGE baby and cannot possible imagine stabbing myself with a needle, even a small one. I think he was nervous at first but he is actually really good at it. Fast and smooth. And then there is another one that is in the evening (not every day though). And it is this really GIANT needle. Well it isn’t giant…but I am a baby so to me it looks giant. Its like 1.5 inches long and ridiculously wide. Pretty gross. I actually made Jamie try it out on himself first, which was a little funny and gross at the same time. He actually did it though (he must really love me). I know this is kind of silly but I took a picture of Jamie holding the needle. I just want to remember this…lol.


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