Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Yesterday I had dental surgery. I am SO freaked out by dentists that even going there watching my kids sends me into a panic. But I needed some work done(several wisdom teeth pulled, one of my back molars pulled, a couple cavities, and a cleaning) so they put me to sleep to do it all. I was in extremely deep sedation. I remember the IV, I remember feeling tired, and then I woke up and it was over.  I couldn’t stop puking for the first few hours afterward which was awesome puking when your mouth is bleeding and swollen 5 times bigger than normal. It took about 6 hours for my tongue, lips, and mouth to have feeling in them. Today I am super sore but the bleeding is done and most of the swelling is gone. I am SO glad to have this over. I did NOT take pics…No one needs to see that…lol!

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  1. Oh too funny Tina.
    But i bet you will feel so much better now that it is over

  2. Time to update your blog!! I check all the time 😉 Miss you so much! Love you!! {{Hugs}}

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