Day 22: Leaving Newfoundland ~ July 22nd, 2009

Today we left NFLD. Yesterday we spent half the day packing while Grandpa spent time with the kiddies. Then we just relaxed and hung out for our last night at my dads. This morning we were up around 7, the kids ate breakfast with grandpa, we got ready and them we were on the road before 9. I am excited about getting back home…but at the same time its always so sad saying goodbye to my dad. He is SO far away and I never know when I will see him again. He isn’t exactly the picture of health these days and I know its morbid to think this way but I always think to myself, “this could be the last time I see him”. I am 32 years old and still…I am SO not ready to live without my daddy. Ok, I know…I just had a great vacation with him so I should be thinking about all the fun, not the what ifs…but this is my blog and along with this being a place to update friends and family its also a place to put down thoughts and feelings.

Anyway, on to nicer thoughts…

The drive to the ferry went well…minimal fighting from the kiddies. It took us about 5 hours to get there and we were almost 3 hours early which anyone who knows me knows that this is awesome. We checked in, only to find out that the ferry to Nova Scotia was delayed 2 hours so we were actually 5 hours early…lol. I think this is kind of ironic (and annoying) that one of the very few times we are early for anything the ferry is delayed giving us an extra 2 hours. So, we hung out in the terminal, watched some movies, got the kids cleaned up and changed and then eventually we were able to board sometime around 6:30pm and it was 7:30 before it left so it actually ended up being 3 hours delayed, not 2. The ferry ride took a lot longer this time then it did when we crossed to come here. It took over 6 hours this time and only 4 on the way. By the time we docked the kids had JUST fallen asleep which sucked because then we had to wake them and try to get 4 sleepy, uncoordinated children down to the car while carting all the backpacks and blankets and the stroller. We still had 1.5 hours drive ahead of us to get to Jody’s and they slept the whole way there.

It was rainy and foggy and add to that being tired and unfamiliar roads and well lets just say it wasn’t the most pleasant ride…lol. We got to Jody’s just before 3 am (Sorry Jody…and Chris, Al, Jen, & Paula) Im sure they were all just overjoyed to have us wake them up at 3 am and then invade their sleeping space. I was so excited to get to sleep, and I died the second my head hit the pillow. Here are some pics of last night and today…

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