Emma’s Birthday ~ April 17th, 2009

Today Kenzie and I went to Emma’s (my friend Carina’s daugter) birthday party. The kids had hot dogs and pizza, played a LONGGGGG game of bowling, ran around, and had some great cake.

I had decided to only bring Kenzie to this one.  Kenzie and Lochy have been doing everything together, everything the same, basically since Kenzie was born. They are so close in age that it just worked out that way. When Lochlann started school I think it was a little bit hard on Kenzie because suddenly Lochlann had this seperate life, doing fun things that she was not a part of and that was hard for her because shes always done everything with him. Then last month Lochlann went to 2 birthday parties for school friends and even though she was disappointed she was a super good sport about it…no tantrums, no crying. So when this party came up I thought it was time for Kenzie to get to do something just for her. We are a family and we love spending time AS a family but Im pretty big on them each having equal one on one time. A few hours where they get to go somewhere with us by themselves, without all their siblings. With 4 kids sometimes you dont always get heard at the second you want to and you dont always get attention exactly when you want it, but when we take them out alone, even if its for an hour or two a month, it reminds THEM that they are special and it reminds US that they have their own personalities and identities. They become Lochlann, Lincoln, MacKenzie, and Riley instead of just “the kids”

Anyway, back to the point…Kenzie had a ton of fun and I had fun hanging out with just her 🙂

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