April 16th, 2009

I havent updated in a few days, so here goes. The boys were back to school on Tuesday after the long long Easter weekend. The house is getting back to normal, Jamie is still working late most nights. Lincoln is still going strong with his paper route.

OH that reminds me(scatterbrained today). Lincoln’s friend called on Monday and asked if he was allowed to go to the mall with him (and his older sister to supervise) but the MALL….thats teenage fun. My 11 year old BABY is not a teenager. Shouldn’t he still be playing with toys and video games? THE MALL?? So of course I had to let him. I can’t say no for the sole reason that his mommy can’t let go and let him grow up.

So he went, bank card in hand, to the mall. He earns his own money and we kinda have a little agreement that he should only spend half of his allowance and half of his pay from the paper route and save the other half. It’s not a RULE….we just want him to get in the habit of saving.  But he gets to spend the other half on whatever he wants…waste it on candy, video games, food, toys, whatever. Its his money. So he comes home a few hours later and can you guess what he bought? I would never have guessed. He bought clothes. CLOTHES! Something practical. He didnt waste it as he had every right to do. He bought clothes. SOOO cute. Im so proud of him. He is such an awesome kid to have.

Last night I had some girls over for coffee and chatting. About 7 showed up. It lasted until the wee hours. I think the last one got her butt out of here after 3 am sometime.

Today we are just hanging out…playing, building blocks, watching cartoons. Tonight I have to do groceries and go to WalMart to look for a birthday present for a friend of Kenzie’s. Thats about it for today. See you all back here tomorrow 🙂

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