I didn’t realize it was possible to be THIS sick

OMG…All 6 of us got the stomach flu. OH BOY was it bad. I did not realize  I could be this sick. Lincoln was actually sick first…last Friday and Saturday I believe. Then by Sunday he was ok and on Monday we did the family day thing. Then on Sunday night we got home and BAM the other 5 of us started vomiting…and diarhea…stomach pains…nausea. The worst part was trying to take care of the sick kids while being sick ourselves. Everyone was throwing up so often and I wont get into details but there were lots of being stuck on the toilet.  NO ONE got sleep on Monday night. None of us. By Tuesday afternoon the kids and Jamie had basically stopped throwing up and Jamie started feeling mostly better by Wedneday. On Tuesday night Lochy threw up once I believe, and once again on Wednesday morning. On Tuesday I could barely walk. I was so weak I was skaking when I stood up and walking up or down stairs was like death. I wasn’t much better on Wednesday. Kenzie, Riley and I were still feeling bad into Thursday and then we started getting better. Just when everyone started feeling back to normal Lincoln got sick again. On Friday Lincoln had to come home early from school because he threw up outside at school. I think today we are all finally almost better. This was a BAD one. BAD BAD BAD.

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