Link’s big fall ~~ February 14th, 2008

Today Kenzie and I took Link to his hockey game and Jamie and Lochy stayed home with Riley.  About halfway into the game Lincoln took a really good fall. He was skating, someone ducked and Lincoln flipped over him and flew to the ground…well to the ice. HARD ice. My heart almost stopped just seeing him fall like that but then he didn’t get up. Im standing there at the other side of the arena convincing myself (and not very well) that he was fine but all I wanted to do was run onto the ice and get him, help him…anything but standing there with my heart hurting. Then the coach runs out and I can’t see very well because people are all around him and then he gets up (thank god) and slowly skates off the ice. STILL all I can think is how I want to run over there and see if he is ok but then the other part of me, the sane part of me is saying that if he is fine he would be SOOOO embarrased that his MOMMY was there gushing all over him. SO I just stand there like a moron and do nothing. I was literally counting the minutes until the game was over so I could go see him without embarrasing him. Turns out he is ok, just took a really hard fall and has some nice welts and bruises to show for it, but he is ok. PHEW…

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  1. OMG!!! I can imagine how you felt!! I probabley would have ran out onto the ice!! LOL…”D” would have killed me!! lol

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