Happy Love Day ~~ February 14th, 2009

First I want to say Happy Valentines day to everyone I love. You know who you are 🙂

Valentines day…LOVE day is here again. I had made personalized cards for all the kids with candy inside, and a card for Jamie of course..he didn’t get candy but he DID some “coupons” from me 🙂 I wont elaborate on the coupons…this is a FAMILY site…lol.  I also made heart shaped chocolate cheesecake cupcakes for everyone. (I was going to post a pic of the cupcakes but they got devoured too fast.) Jamie gave me NOTHING…and well we are kinda tight on cash so I didn’t expect anything that cost money, but he is an artist for gods sake…the least he could have done was make me a card that costs nothing but at least shows you care. So I am standing there and he is telling me how he “forgot” and how he “isn’t that into Valentines day” and  etc, etc, etc. and Im standing there thinking my god… after being together all these years you would think he would at least think of me enough on the LOVE holiday to at least make me a damn card…or remember…and of course I am kinda upset and all I say is  “SERIOUSLY? not even a card….on VALENTINES DAY?????” and then I had to go shower to take Link to hockey so I got distracted. Well it turns out he actually HAD spent lots of time making me a fancy card … he was just psyching me out. What a jerk…lol But I love him…of course.

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