“I Need To Be 4” ~ Saturday, January 31st, 2008

Today was a crazy busy day. I made Lochlann’s Iron Man cake, did all the food prep, cleaned, decorated, and set things up. This morning I say to Lochlann “Happy Birthday baby, you are going to be 5 years old tomorrow” and he almost cried and said “NO, I need to be 4, I just need to be 4” and he looked like he was going to cry. I tried explaining to him that you can’t stop getting older and how he was growing and now he was such a big boy but he wanted nothing to do with being 5, so I just decided to leave it alone. Later in the day I showed him the cake I had just finished and asked him “did I do a good job on your cake?” and he looks for a minute and says in this stern voice “I dont think you did a very good job on that number 5…its supposed to say number 4”. Hopefully he will get over it and not burst into tears when he sees the cake tomrrow at his birthday.

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