Happy Birthday Lochy ~ Sunday, February 1, 2008

Every birthday I tell myself that I am going to “keep it simple”. Those of you who know me know that I am incapable of this. Why can’t I just blow up some balloons, put out bowls of chips and juice boxes and let the kids have fun?? I intend to do this EVERY time. By the time the birthday rolls around its chips + veggies + cheese and cold cuts + various elaborate dips + 5 kinds of hot appetizers + cupcakes + cookies + punch +  and a cake that takes me 8 hours to make…not to mention the games and loot bag nonsense and the helium and all the cleaning and decorating involved.  SOME DAY I will do a simple NON stress birthday…one where I don’t have to be up until 4 am every day for 2 weeks thinking and planning and organizing and preparing. But then again I feel like someday my kiddies will remember all the work I put into making their birthdays perfect and for one day making them feel like they are super special. It only happens once a year right? And they WILL remember it someday…RIGHT????

Well what counts is that it was Lochlann’s day and he LOVED it. Before the party he insisted that he had to go to the basement and then we would all hide and when he came back upstairs we would jump out and “surprise” him…lol. Not much of a surprise if he told us to do it..but we did, and when he comes around the corner we all jump out and yell “SURPRISE” and he FREAKS out, jumping around doing his fake surprised reaction. It was hilarious. They played games, ate, played, made messes, had cake, popped balloons, got loud and out of hand, and had a blast doing it all. Here are some pics of the day….I only got a few because I was so busy with the kids and the party but I will add more later when I get the pics a friend took. Thanks to everyone for the great presents and cards and birthday wishes and for helping make Lochy’s party great.

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