Lochy’s Bully ~ Jan 13th, 2009

We are having a bit of a problem with a little hellion in Lochy’s class. Lochy has been coming home now and then with stories of this little boy. “Keenan ripped my mitten”, “Keenan took my juice box”. Then after their Christmas concert Jamie saw a little incident with him and Lochy where the boy wanted something Lochlann was playing with, Lochlann refused to give it to him so the kid started banging his head on Lochlann’s arm. There were other parents around, but not this childs parents and so Jamie just got Lochlann and left the room.

Well the Christmas holidays from school started the next day for Lochlann and I meant to talk to the teacher about it when he went back to school but it slipped my mind. Well this week Lochlann has had a few more stories every day about this boy and some of them involve the boy hitting Lochlann and teasing him, etc. And from what I hear from Lincoln, the little boy is mean to all the kids in the class, not just  Lochlann. Of course you never know if there is a bigger story and if Lochlann was joining in the fighting.

So I sent the teacher a note explaining what Loch had said and that he was fairly upset about the situation when he tells us about it, and asking her if it is something I need to be worried about and what we should do about the situation. She responded that Lochlann hadn’t told her any of the things he has told us but that she moved the other boys seat up to the front near her seat so she can keep an eye on him and that if Lochlann continued to mention things to us we should let her know right away so she can deal with it. Fine, but then I got to thinking that maybe most of the things are happening at their nutrition breaks when the teacher isn’t there to see it.

Coincidentally I have a friend who works at Lochlann’s school and she supervises Lochy’s class for the morning nutrition break so I asked her about it and she informed me that she was bound by a confidentiality agreement and that she can talk to me about Lochy but not about anyone elses child. Understandable. But she did say that Lochlann never ever hits or does anything to the other boy (or anyone else for that matter) and that Lochy is always a good boy. She told me to keep up with the teacher about it.

Im just so ANGRY. Lochlann LOVES school and he LOVES learning and I dont want school to start becoming a place of stress for him. I want school to always be somewhere he loves to go, and somewhere he feels safe and comfortable. I am losing sleep over this. It makes me want to cry thinking about him dealing with that.

I might be getting ahead of myself…maybe it isnt as bad as I am thinking and of course Lochy is my little boy and its my job to overreact..lol…but he is only 4 and I want to protect him from all this crap. He does not need to go through this.

I guess I will take it one day at a time and I will talk to Lochy about it every day and if I hear of anything else I will call the teacher immediately to make sure something is being done. I think I am rambling here a little and my thoughts are a little disorganized so the words may not be flowing as they should be but I really needed to just rant about this and get it out of my head.

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