I am SO done! ~ Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday we had the Bath Fitter guys coming to install one of those one piece bath enclosure thingys(not sure of the correct name for them…lol)

I guess I should pause here and add in a little background on the bathroom situation.

Our upstairs bathroom has been an issue for well over a year if not two years. Awhile back it started leaking through the kitchen ceiling. Someone came, ripped out the kitchen ceiling, fixed the pipes, fixed the ceiling, only for it to start leaking AGAIN. So it was fixed again, ceiling repaired again, and of course a few weeks later ANOTHER leak. So after fixing the pipes over and over again there was the suggestion that maybe it was the tiles leaking. Hence the Bath Fitters. So after not using that shower for MONTHS and MONTHS they finally get here to do it on Monday. The guy is not here for 20 minutes and one of the pipes under the bathtub bursts…GUSHING into the kitchen. We had GIANT waterfalls down the walls and ceiling in the kitchen. Jamie is at work and I have NO idea where the water shut off is. So by the time the dude digs around the basement and finds it there’s a few inches of water in the kitchen. So then he tells me he cant actually fix the problem, only finish what he came here to do!!!!! So its like 1 in the afternoon by then and  getting a plumber in here two days before Christmas is quite the task. So here I sit…4 kids, the water to the WHOLE HOUSE is shut off…so no toilet, no drinking water, no water to boil, no shower(not one of us had showered yet that day), no water to wash our hands (and I am changing diapers all day so not being able to wash my hands is a VERY big deal…and even before diapers I was a freak about washing my hands). So finally a plumber gets here, rips out the ceiling once again, fixes the pipes, and YAY we have water. Thank God we got someone there the same day. I hope this is the end of the bathroom problems because I am so so SO done with it.

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