Decking the Halls ~ December 20th, 2008

Ok Ok so I know we should have had our tree up before now but well we ended up only getting it done today. We (“we” meaning Jamie of course) actually pulled the tree out of the garage last night and put it up and straightened all the branches, etc. and then tonight we did a big night of it. We made lots of hor d’ourves and I pulled the rum balls (Lynn’s recipe, Jamie’s favorite) and other baking out of the freezer and with a tablefull of assorted food we got all the ornaments out and started decorating. We actually sat back and let the kids do 99% of it. When I first met Jamie he was SOOOO particular about where to put everything. He would actually re-do the tree after me and Link put stuff up…lol…but now he has totally mellowed and although I could tell it was slightly painful for him the way the kids piled all the ornaments in one spot he sat back and let them have fun. And they did. They loved it.  “putting the tree up” day is almost as big as actual Christmas day to them. Riley hung out in her carseat and jolly jumper and watched, and then she fell asleep in the jolly jumper (so cute). Now the little ones are in bed, and Jamie is sneaking around downstairs thinking that I don’t know he is wrapping my presents. Hes so cute at Christmas. Well he is cute all the time but extra cute at Christmas. 🙂


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