Christmas Party ~ December 14th, 2008

Well Sunday was the Christmas party for my mommy group, Sudburymoms. We spent the whole week before finishing up last minute things. My friend Jen did 99% of the planning and work. A few of us helped out but she really did so much. On Friday night we were there helping her out and when I left at midnight or so she was sitting at her table doing some stuff for the party and when I came back the following night around 8pm (so almost 24 hours later) She was still sitting in the same spot, wearing the same clothes, and the same pots and pans were sitting on the stove. Poor girl. It was worth it because the party was awesome.

It was a family party, mostly aimed at the kids. There was snacks, drinks, face painting, crafts, letter writing to santa, lots of games and activities, family pics were taken, pics with Santa were taken and Santa handed out presents to all the kids.

When Santa walked out Kenzie was SOOO excited. I have literally never seen Kenzie like this. She stood there with her mouth open, goofy smile, staring at him…she ran right up to him and gave him a hug right away. Then he went to do the pics and every time someone was done their picture Kenzie ran right back up there with him. She was totally in AWE of him. You could tell that she completely thought that this was the actual Santa. Lochy just kinda acted like it was a normal everyday occurance to have Santa sitting in the room. Riley really didnt care. Santa held her and she just sat there chewing on her hands. Lincoln of course is way past the whole Santa thing but then again he never believed in it anyway. He always thought everyone was crazy when they spoke about it being “real”…lol.

Riley received a little stuffed Santa toy that she absolutely LOVES. There is a pic below of her holding it.

Im going to post a bunch of pics of the Christmas Party. There’s a super cute one of Kenzie hugging my friend Al….a.k.a. “Santa”.

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