Parent-Teacher Interviews

Well that was far easier than I had imagined. When these interviews roll around I always feel like a scared little child being sent to the principals office…just sitting and waiting to hear all the bad stuff. But it turned out that Ms Pitre had not a single bad thing to say about Lincoln. Even when Jamie mentioned he thought that Lincoln rushed through things and didn’t pay attention to writing neatly she looked like she was in shock. Her eyes opened wide and she said “Oh NO I certainly don’t see any of that with Lincoln”. She said he takes a lot of initiative, works well, listens, and he is friendly with everyone. YAY. OH and she also said that Lincoln is enthralled with his brother. She said he goes on and on about Lochlann constantly and tells everyone that he is his brother. Jamie and I were a little shocked on this one since most days at home Lincoln acts as if Lochlann and MacKenzie’s very existence is ruining his life.

Lochlann’s went almost as well…she said that sometimes he doesn’t want to join in the group discussions…sometimes he says he would rather play instead…(Oh And she said that sometimes near the end of the day he gets tired and “territorial” over certain things. But other than that she had no problems. She said all the kids love him and especially academically he is doing very well.

So not a bad day. We are proud of our boys 🙂

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