Things I am Lovin’ Right Now ~ November 25th, 2008


I’m lovin’ how my kiddies tell me every day how I’m “the bestest-est mommy ever”.

I’m lovin’ that my 11 year old still kisses and hugs me daily… without being asked and without being embarrased.

I’m lovin’ how my 3 year old daughter’s answer to almost everything is “because I am a girl”.

I’m lovin’ how my 4 year old son cries when his new baby sister is hurt.

I’m lovin’ Winter…waking up to that crisp, clean, fresh smell of snow. LOVE IT!!

I’m lovin’ how Jamie ALWAYS lets me sleep in on weekends even though HE has to get up early on weekdays and could use a sleep-in day.

I’m lovin’ and how every christmas he is like a little kid again, and how he sneaks around hiding my christmas presents in the garage.

I’m lovin’ that Jamie REALLY loves me…and I am lovin’ that I know it.

I’m lovin’ how the baby LOOKS at me with those eyes that say I am her whole world.

I’m lovin’ that Riley is almost 4 months old and has not had formula even once…no matter how tired I am in the middle of the night I have not caved.

I’m lovin’ that all my kids are so self assured and happy…like really truly HAPPY.

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  1. This brought tears to my eyes, I’m so happy for all of u.

  2. What a great outlook Tina.
    I am impressed.
    Keep those good thoughts coming.

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