Pumpkin Carving & Halloween Treats

Last night we carved our pumpkins. For Lochy and Kenzie we just gave them sharpies and let them draw on the pumpkins, and Link carved a little one and Daddy and Link did the big one together. Kenzie and Lochy’s pumpkins are a little crazy looking…I think they were getting their inspiration from Jackson Pollock.

Link and Lochy are having halloween parties today with their class. I was up far too late attempting to copy Bakerella’s (she’s almost passing Martha Stewart for my baking idol) cute cute halloween cupcake pops. Cupcake pops are these bite size moist delicious cupcake like things on a stick dipped in chocolate. They are A LOT of work, there are SOOO many steps to follow. For Halloween she did some in various halloween shapes. Hers were perfect and beautiful and mine looked like a 4 year old had done them.  I couldn’t find an edible ink pen that would work properly on the white chocolate…and I tried several. I had to make 17 ghosts for Loch’s class and 31 skulls for Linc’s class(plus extras for the family to eat of course). I dont even want to count the hours it took me, and they didnt even turn out as cute as I wanted them to. I will try again next year…if I can locate a proper edible ink pen. Here are some pics….

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