Lost Lochlann

On Monday the school lost our little Lochlann….well sort of. At the end of the day the school was lining up for busses, and Lochlann decided to run out of his line and get into another line. So Loch ended up on the wrong bus. Eventually he made it back to the school, safe and sound but the school decided not to call me right when they KNEW he was lost, but waited until he was back at the school to call me. Meanwhile I am at the bus stop waiting for him, only to have the bus driver(who knew only half the story or less) tell me that Lochlann was not on the bus because he ran out of his line! So I of course freaked out,  RAN home to call the school because for all I knew he was running around Sudbury somewhere. You would think the school could have found the time to call me so I didnt go wait for the bus and have to find out like that!!! Idiots!! Then they had the nerve to go on and on about how OMG Lochlann let go of his buddy’s hand. HE IS 4 YEARS OLD F.F.S!!!! They should be prepared for the fact that a 4 year old, in his second week of school EVER, may possibly not have all the rules down in his head yet. I am still fuming…but he is home safe and sound and thats what matters right?

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  1. OMG Tina.
    I would have been P.O’d too.
    Glad he was safe.. but yea.. I hear ya.

  2. That’s terrible girly! Glad he made it home safe and sound.

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