Spiders are right up there with Plumbers

Ok I know there is alot of hate this week(harmonicas, plumbers) but I have to add to it. SPIDERS!!! Our house has been overrun by these GIANT nasty ugly gross nasty HUGE spiders. They are big and fast and ugly. They are over an inch long. I know an inch doesnt seem like much but for a spider it really really is.  Ive been seeing a bunch of the same ones for a couple weeks now and today one was ON me. Anyone who knows and loves me will be very aware of my extreme hatred for spiders (haha Sarah, remember the plastic bug under the stove incident??) When I see spiders I totally spaz out…I shake and cry and get all crawly. Im having trouble breathing just thinking about them now. Well these spiders top any other spider Ive ever seen. I dont know what they are or why they are in my house but one crawling on me tonight is THE LAST STRAW!! Tomorrow, with Spider Raid in hand I take back my house!

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