Yay for Daddies

Yesterday my dad arrived from Newfoundland. I am BEYOND excited to see him…there isn’t even a word for how happy I am. I am sure everyone thinks this about their dad, but he is by far the BEST daddy in the world. I dont get to see him nearly often enough. He brought my brother with him also, which is really cool since its been a really long time since I saw him, and the kids LOVE their uncle stevie. Kenzie just followed Steve around saying nothing, just walking a few steps behind him where ever he went…even to the bathroom..lol.  She did this ALLLL day.  He was here all of 5 seconds and she says “uncle Stevie is my BEST friend”. Of course now the kids don’t need mommy and daddy, or even notice we exist ..lol

Ok, we already know I love my dad, BUT he brought the kids each a harmonica….do I really need to say more? Three kids with harmonicas???? I swear my head is going to explode from the sound of it, and of course since its the most annoying sound EVER they absolutely love it and have to play them all day all night. I visualize myself throwing them on the ground and stomping them to little bits but sadly I can’t actually do it. I could just cut off my ears…I really dont need them right?.

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  1. OK, so now I am totally homesick and soooo lonesome for MY DAD!!! 😦 I miss my dad so much, and he plays the harmonica!!!!! I love it…although I can hear all the kids running around the house whaling on it..lol..but despite that, your so lucky to have some family come and visit you 🙂

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