Stupid Plumbers

AHHHHH I hate plumbers…have I mentioned yet that I hate plumbers?

We had one come over to unclog our toilet on Thursday. He is here for 2 hours, charges me from the time he left the shop until the time he gets BACK to the shop, and oh guess what??? He couldn’t even unclog it. After the two hours he says to me “you need to start weighing your options…do you want to pay another three hours of labour for me to try to fix it, or do you just want to buy a new toilet from us….UM yah those are nice choices. So I opt for my own option number 3…go buy a toilet on our own at Home Depot and not be overcharged for whatever he was going to sell me. So he brings the toilet out back for us, and leaves. My dad gets here, goes out back and I am not even joking a little bit, he comes back in the house 4 minutes later holding the thing that was clogging the toilet (a 4 minutes???? ….with nothing but a piece of wire and a garden hose? Plumber Jerk was here 2 hours with professional tools and NOTHING! GRRRR . I watch as all my money does that cartoon flying money thing …out my wallet and flying away, never to be seen again.

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  1. Did I mention I hate plumbers now??!!! Well, that one anyways, lol

    Leave it to a Newfie to get it out in 4 minutes with a piece of wire and a garden hose!! East Coasters Rock!!! 😉

  2. It so fugures, doesn’t it? Thank god your dad was there; if only the plumbers had been late again.

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