Camping Weekend

So Saturday morning we woke up and YAY the rain had ended. It was sunny but not too hot. The kids ate breakfast outside, then Nana watched Riley while the rest of us went swimming. We all had lunch together, then we played on the beach, Jamie , Lincoln and Lochlann built sand castles, swam some more, and played on the raft while the girls and I took a walk around the park. Then we all went swimming again and then had supper with Nana and Papa. Jamie took the kids fishing while Nana and I cleaned up. We sat around the fire and roasted marshmallows and wieners and just relaxed. It was such a fun day. The kids had a blast.



On Sunday it rained again…and stormed…the wind and rain coming off the lake was insane. Even the ducks were scared. We watched as the storm and waves got worse a family of ducks ran like crazy onto shore. Lochy and Kenzie went out to feed them their english muffins. The rain held off for a little bit and the sun came out so they managed to get out for one last ride in the raft and some fun at the playground before the storm started up again. Lochy decided that the island on the lake is “Spongebob Island” (you know, the island from the beginning of Spongebob). He kept begging us to swim with him out to Spongebob Island so we could bring back Patrick and Squidward…! When the storm started up again we went inside to shower and have supper with Nana and Papa. Then we packed up, said our goodbyes and headed home. Kenzie cried and cried because she didnt want to go home. She was so upset. But at least we know they all had fun. We will be doing it again next year for sure.


Lochy and Kenzie tickling Papa

Lochy and Kenzie tickling Papa

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