Uh Oh Lochy

Thursday, September 4th

Today we did some last minute shopping before going away. We were at Walmart and I stayed in the car with the girls while Jamie and Lochy went in to pick up some things. Well Jamie had his head turned and didnt exactly see what happened but he turned around and Lochy looked like he was about to cry and he had a red spot on his face near his eye. He either bumped it or something hit him in the eye. Well it started to bruise and he was clearly getting a black eye. This would be unfortunate on a normal day but this time it was even worse because on Friday morning Lochy had his Jr. Kindergarten interview!!!! The first time he meets his teacher and the first time she meets US he shows up with a black eye. Not good. His poor little eye looked so bad it made me want to cry but he didnt seem to care much about it or even notice it. So I asked Lochy a few times what happened to his eye, because we didnt see what happened and also because I wanted to see what his reaction would be if the teacher asked him about it…well Lochy’s answer is “I cant tell you” !!…ok this is NOT a good answer. Oh Lochy. I love him to death but you really never know WHAT he will say or do in any given situation. Needless to say we were more than a little concerned about what they would think.

Lochy's black eye


Loch's poor little eye


At least he has a smile on his face about it

At least he has a smile on his face about it

Oh a good note, Riley SMILED for the first time today. SO cute…even after 4 kids the first smile NEVER gets old. Its like they finally figured out how to express how they feel about you and it makes me so overcome with emotion that I laugh and cry all at the same time. Amazing how such a little thing can mean SOOO much. *Sigh*…babies 🙂

A bunch of us girls from Sudburymoms started a “book club” of sorts where we all order a bunch of books at really good prices. There is a minimum amount to order from this particular site but the prices are phenomenal so we all go together and buy at the same time so we can take part in the good deals. So our books arrived at Becky’s place and Thursday evening we all got together to open the boxes and have tea and coffee and chat….but mostly to get our books. I couIdn’t stay long because I had to get home to pack for camping the next day. I was really excited about the books I got and the prices were amazing. We will definately be doing this again.

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