Our Week

Ok so its been a week since I posted last and I apologize. I guess we have been busy…or lazy. I’ll do a basic update of the week. Its been basically just a normal week, uneventful really. Mostly just doing the regular daily stuff, and getting the kids ready to go back to school. 

We registered Lochlann for Junior Kindergarten, and found out he doesnt get to start the same day as Lincoln. Lincoln goes back on the 3rd and Lochlann doesnt start until the 19th!!. He is going to be one angry little boy when he realizes he can’t start the same day as his brother. They do this weird “staggered entry” thing here. They bring in 2 or 3 children at a time until they have gotten used to the idea of school. I personally think its silly. If my child was so shy they couldn’t handle being with 10 or 15 children all at once then I would say they werent ready to start school and skip JR. K and give them another year at home and then start SR. Kindergarten next year instead. But thats just my opinion. I dont make the silly rules so theres not much I can do about it..lol.

Thursday I had plans to get together with my friend Erin but I totally blanked and didnt even realize it was Thursday and by the time I realized it was late evening and of course way too late.

On Friday Erin came over with her 4 girls. (can you imagine the noise level here with 8 kids?…imagine it and then triple whatever you’ve imagined) We ordered in lunch and the kids played and we chatted. It was a fun afternoon.

On Friday evening Jamie went out with some friends and I ran some errands and took the kids out for ice cream.

The rest of the weekend we didnt do much, just stayed close to home, slept in, watched some movies. On Sunday Lochlann went shopping with daddy and the girls(yes, the baby too..lol) and Lincoln had a tea party.

Today Lincoln had his first football game of the season. We all went out to watch and even one of his friends, Kendra came out to watch with her mom Kelly. We love Kendra and Kelly..they are so down to earth and so sweet and funny.

It was very very hot today. I would say it was the hottest day all summer. Those of you that know me KNOW how cranky I get in the heat. I am more of a Winter girl..or even Fall. Sitting on the side of the football field in the heat for HOURS and chasing Lochy and Kenzie was not the most fun, BUT it was very cool seeing Lincoln’s game. He played really well. They lost but not horribly. Its really exciting seeing him get so into something. Last year when he played football he stood around a lot looking really nervous. This year he plays hard and he’s loving it.

Lochy and Kenzie had fun feeding the ducks in the little pond beside Lincoln’s football field. I had some crackers in my bag for the kids to snack on but they fed them all to the ducks instead. Lochlann LOVES the ducks.

As a bonus I ran into my friend Marcy, who’s son Robbie is on the team that played against Lincoln’s team today. I havent seen Marcy for at least a year. It was so great seeing her again. Marcy is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is just SOOO nice. We really need to learn to keep in touch better.

After football Lincoln went over to Kendra’s house to play in their pool, and the kids roped daddy into having a tea party with them. (pics to follow)

Thats about it…our week in a nutshell.

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  1. That was a really nice thing to say Tina…made my day. Miss you.

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