Riley the Dolly

So MacKenzie has decided that Riley is her little dolly. She came to me with her little doll stroller and wanted to put Riley in it. So I explain to her that the stroller is for dollies, not for real babies. Her response to that was “but Riley IS my dolly”. How do you argue with that? To be honest you really can’t argue with anything Kenzie says because she is always SO sure of herself and everything she says. (she is only 3…Oh boy…can’t wait till she is a teenager!) Anyway, I decided there was no harm in it. We put Riley in the dolly stroller, belted her in securely, and Kenzie took her for a stroll around the living room. I was so impressed with how careful she was and how slowly she went. Riley LOVED it. Her eyes opened wide and she was looking all around and cooing. It was so hilarious. And Kenzie was SOOO happy too. Im posting pics because its just too funny not to share.

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  1. Isn’t that hilarious!!!

    Mac looks like a Giant beside her little sister.

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