I had Riley weighed again today and she is now at 9 pounds, 5.5 ounces. She has been gaining a little more than a half oz a day which is normal.

We also received a package from Auntie Christine…a very cute outfit for Riley and birthday money for Lincoln…Thanks Chris!! 🙂

I did “back to school” shopping today also. I had just Riley and Lincoln with me for most of it, then brought the boys to Lincoln’s football practice and I did the rest of the shopping with Kenzie and Riley. Riley is amazingly good while we are out. We were gone for hours and I barely heard a sound from her. It must have been all the shopping. MacKenzie says shopping makes girls happy so that explains it.

This is the first year I have had to do back to school shopping for two children instead of just one.  I spent far too much money but we got everything they needed so what can ya do? Who needs to eat right? (Just kidding)

After we got back from shopping and football Tanya came over with her litte girl Kaleigh who is only about 6 months older than Kenzie. The boys were out, and Kenzie had SO much fun playing with another little girl. They coloured and played with the dollies and the doll strollers and barbies. It was really adorable seeing her with another girl. With Lochy she seems so high strung all day, and they fight and scream, but tonight she was so calm and quiet while playing. Im going to have to get her out with other little girls more often.

I forgot to mention that on Tuesday evening Jamie and Lincoln went fishing and Lincoln caught his very first fish. Actually he caught 4!!! He was so excited. Today the boys all went fishing again and Lochlann caught a fish this time…with his little Mickey Mouse fishing rod.

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