Not a whole lot to say today. Just a boring Saturday I guess.

Our Midwife dropped by to see Riley today. As of today she is back to her birth weight of 9 pounds, 2 oz. She had dropped down to 8 pounds, 11 oz after the first couple days which as you all know it is normal for them to lose a bit in the first few days. They SHOULD get back to their birth weight by 2 weeks and she was 2 weeks yesterday. Yay Riley :). I have to say, I just LOVE our midwife. She is so sweet. Normally the deal is with midwives, that they come to see you at home three times after you give birth. Usually on day 1, day 3 and day 5, and then all the visits after that you go see them at their office. But our midwife Cammie has been here 6 times instead of the normal 3…just to check up on Riley and weigh her, to save me the trouble of having to go out for those other appointments. How sweet is that? And anyone who has four kids, three of them 4 and under and one of which is a newborn will know that packing 4 kids up and dragging them to an appointment is alot of work. By the time you get them all bathed and dressed and ready to leave and in the car you are exhausted and ready to go to bed. Saving me three visits to her office, three days of packing up and getting there, is equal in my head (if not far more valuable) to finding giant bags filled with gold. No Kidding. I would almost consider having another baby JUST so I could have her as my midwife. (ALMOST…but not really…)

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