Boy Stuff/Girl Stuff

This evening Jamie took the boys fishing, and I stayed home with the girls. MacKenzie says that girls dont like to touch worms so we stayed home and baked cookies “because girls love to bake”, painted our toenails “because girls like to be pretty”, and watched girl shows because “we are girls”. MacKenzie is SUCH a princess.  As Jamie and the boys were leaving I heard Lochy say “MacKenzie can’t come because she will just scream at the fish”. This is possibly very true since she DOES love to scream in that aweful high pitched voice that makes you want to just cut your ears off. (My dad says I had the same high pitched scream when I was little…I guess this is payback?)

The boys had lots of fun and they caught a fish. Im not exactly sure what kind of fish (I know they told me but I honestly can’t remember, and well fish all just look like fish to me)

It was actually really nice having some alone “girl time” with Kenzie. Riley was there too of course but she didnt really join in the girl time…instead she just slept which disappointed Kenzie quite a bit because she really wanted to paint her baby sisters toenails. Maybe next time??


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  1. Hey Tina, I totally get the “cut your ears off” thing! I think you shouls have let her paint Reileys toenails. THat would be a Kodak moment! lol

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